Sunday, July 6, 2008

Me, Vince & Robin have been spending alot of time together recently. From morning till midnight mostly. What we do when we are together? We do whatever silly stuffs we can think of. That's when we started to call ourselves 'the 3 sor haiZ'..

Stuff we did..

1) Draw nude stuff on hands of ones who drawn the chosen poker card. Ended up I got a picture of a penis on my hand! While Vince got a full naked woman drawing on his hand, thanks to me. Robin was lucky that day.

2) We got bored - buy sebijik watermelon - Robin ate 1/4, I force myself to finish another 1/4 while Vince struggled with 1/2 (he convinced us that he can finish it). Ever heard of people who got bored with life and stuffed themselves with watermelon just to feel better? We did! And I got stomachache eversince! We kept laughing at what we did that day.. Kekeke~ We laughed till we had to slap each other so that we can stop laughing (okaayy.. this is untrue, but the watermelon part is definitely true)

3) We played game, and the punishment for the loser is - to prank call people in our contact list. Robin pranked call 3 people at around 1am for losing the game.

4 )Usually we will meet up for dinner and talk crap all night till yam cha time. Although we get to see each other everyday, there's still so much crap to talk about. Like.. guessing who will be the last to survive if all of our classmates were stucked inside Carrefour, and outside the building is full with zombies. All these stupid imagination really makes us laugh!

5) Using Tarot cards to play/ predict some stupid stuff.. like asking what will happen to 3 of us if we continue to be so mou liu. The answer was.. this Tarot card.. hell it was so ACCURATE!!!

The answer was obvious, we will be happily ever after.. just the 3 of us~
Can you imagine? In all the 78 cards of the Tarot deck, I got this card to represent 3 of us?!! Damn... We were all speechless and stunned!

About The 3 Sor Haiz..
Vince sor hai-ness has come to a level of "godlike'. So we shall call him GODLIKE SOR HAI because he's the one who came out with all those stupid things to do.

Robin is the ULTIMATE SOR HAI as he's more than happy to play along with whatever proposed game by Vince. The most funny thing about him is when he act as "ah kua".. very miang type.. definitely makes us laugh non-stop.

And me... hmmm... I'm the POTENTIAL SOR HAI. The more I join them, the more crazy I get. I can get pretty sor hai sometimes when I talk dirty (still under the influence of ah-pek Hang). Those who thought I'm nerdy-book worm-stay at home just to read all those boring textbook-type, I can tell you all you're wrong! Muahahaha..

Cheezzzee! Happy to be in the sor hai's association~


Alex Hang said...

wei.. mengumpat behind my back ya..
patut i feel my ass itching today.. bwahaha..
u memang a sor hai lar since the day i met u..

Joyce Yap said...

Haha~ Ur ass itchy becoz you din wash laaa... :P
I'm giving you credit ok.. I don't accept influence by just any one.. but I still under your influence after so long.. 8 years ady!!!

Alex Hang said...

yeah.. time flies huh..
last time.. kecik kecik je.. now getting bigger liao.. err.. i mean ur eyes.. ur eyes.. :P
**runs away and hopes Vince doesn't reads this**

Joyce Yap said...

...confirmed Ah-pek Hang lah ni!!! Haha~

etchew said...

so long didnt read or write blog oredi lor..