Thursday, July 10, 2008

Went for pool *again* with Vince & friends yesterday. Few rounds of pool and fusball.

We had a friendly pool match..
Semi final - Robin vs Zeng Zi (Robin won)Semi final - Vince vs Jebsen (Vince won)Final - Robin vs Vince (VINCE IS THE WINNER!!!)

And Joyce is their only spectator.. kekeke~

Robin, Vince, Jebsen and Zeng Zi

Robin : "NOOoo!!! My PRECIOUS!!!"

Advertising vs Accounts (Result - DRAW!)

We then went for supper at Danau Kota.

After finishing our hokkien mee and Cantonese char, we headed back. While Jebsen reverse his car, we saw a kitten laying on the road just beside his car. The kitten got hit by a car, but is still alive, although it lay motionless, its body is still twitching. Just like how those kungku movies, before the warrior die and let go of their last breath, they twitched once of twice before they die. This kitten.. was twitching. We wouldn't want to see the kitten being run across by cars till it's flat and dead like other animals we saw on the road. So Zeng Zi went down from the car and carry the kitten to the other side of the road, on the grass. But that time, the kitten already 'vomitted blood' and died. At least.. it died in a good way right? Rather than leaving the kitten on the road and crushed by incoming cars, having its guts coming out from its dead body, and spilled all over the road. Once Zeng Zi removed the kitten and pronounced it dead, we all went silent in the car. I don't know why but I felt the tense and sorrow, it's the 1st time I saw something died infront of me. So pity.. so sorrowful.. The whole atmosphere went so... so... quiet... as if we were all grieving for the dead kitten. May the kitty rest in peace... And hopefully when the kitty reincarnate, she'll be equipped with a better road crossing skill.