Thursday, July 24, 2008

I don't have much money so spend, but I spent every cent I have.

Despite the pile of assignments on my desk, I still couldn’t find the mood to actually get myself started.

All I want is LET’S HAVE FUN.. yeah~ I go out for movies, enjoy the whole day just hanging around talking nonsense, find nice places to dine, play pool, but at the end of the day, looking at my purse and my unattended assignments, I regretted. But ironically, I did the same thing the day after. Haha~

Went to KLCC to see Red Cliff. Not my type of genre. But the sor haiZ said that it’s a very nice movie – so I tagged along (mostly because Takeshi is in the movie).

First of all, I don’t understand Mandarin very well, not to mention the typical Mandarin with China slang. So I read the subtitle throughout the whole movie – NOT ENJOYABLE.

Secondly, I don’t know anything about China history. So I don’t know who is Zhu Ge Liang and other cast, and what they did for China – NOT ENJOYABLE.

Thirdly, the ‘ta ta sat sat’ (beat beat kill kill) type of movie is scary to see. I closed my eyes most of the time. Especially when the good guys are beaten and killed brutally (usually in a very slow movement to make audience feel tense). So sad and scary at the same time – NOT ENJOYABLE.

Lastly, although I'm impressed by the strategy used, but I can't help thinking they are copying it from The 300 Sportans. :P
But for those fancy China history and like war type of movie – then this movie is for you.
Vince and I kept making fun of the movie's name. We the bananas, are confused. Zhe bian? Da bian? Bian bi? And Robin kept telling us "Zhe bi!!!". Okaayyy... we still don't get it.

As usual, Robin and Vince head for a great time, great taste - at McDonald. They then escorted me to Sakae Sushi. Better pricing compared to Sushi King and Genki Sushi. Especially the octopus, banyak ekor.. very worthy – only RM5.90 per place. I ordered bento set of teriyaki salmon – so so only. Quality wise – the usual Sushi King and Genki Sushi is doing a little bit better.

Pictures taken by Robin with his camera.. not bad eh? Everything look so delicious~

We then... went to Watson and bought a lot of chocolates!!! RM50 worth of chocolates!!! And 3 toothbrush. We realized that after eating sweet stuff, it is also wise to clean our teeth.. so that we’ll still have teeth to eat more chocolates in the future!!!

Vince and Robin ate a few chocolate bars before this picture was taken. Look at the GIANT Chocky stick!!!

Played few rounds of 9-Ball. Robin won. His score is unbeatable. 5-1-1. That’s why he’s our pool si-fu and not the other way around.

Too short.. gota sit on the pool table.. swt~

Nice camera angle.. Robin looked so pro!
Lu mau aim mana satu? Hitam ka.. pink ka?
I'm so broke.. Ishhhhh...