Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wow wow wow~

First of all, I would like to thank my parents. Without them, I wouldn't be here today...

I also want to thank Vince for his support all these while..

And I want to thank Robin my buddy for his encouragement..

Also my best friends Alicia and ET.. who has never gave up on me no matter how devastated I got some times..

But most of all... I want to thank the 'creator' who put so much effort in building up 'my character' in these past few months. And made me an overnight superstar. It was a very interesting character created for me, one that I never thought would fit my personality. The character I was given to was boosy, cruel, inconsiderate, irrational, selfish, unfriendly, in short, a fucked up bitch... Wow.. I just lllluurrvveeee the idea of it.. I'm so honoured to play this character in your pathetic and imaginary life.

Those that have not heard anything about the 'new' me, you can imagine by using the combination of the worst value in all the below characters, total it up, and that's me! Cool uh!!!

Cruella from the 101 Dalmation- obviously, I'm as cruel as Cruella.. and you see her lan si face? Fuiyoo.. manyak action. So that include me too...

Wicked Queen (Snow White step-mother) - Yep, I'm as wicked as her, boosy too, always fighting to be the 'fairest of all'.

Grumpy the dwarf - And hell yeah, I'm so grumpy that I scare everyone off with my unfriendly attitude..

And who will ever forget the big bully Giant from Doraemon? That's one of my imaginary characteristic too..

Thank you all once again for your support, and I hope to win many more award soon, maybe for a far more worst character. It's so much fun~ Thank you~ Thank you~



Things has gone too far and I need to say this. I don't expect people to understand me, but the least I hope for, is for you all to put me on an equal footing for a fair trial before start to judge me and convict me a death penalty before I could even say a word. Please do not judge me if you don't even know me. Especially judgement that came from gossips and rumours.

I quit my 5-years job to study in order to gain more knowledge and most importantly, qualification for a brighter future. A 25 years old person don't come all this way to play politics or play 'friend friend' like primary school children. I just want to get my papers, if possible, make good friends along the way, and to go back to my dear family in one piece. Simple principle "you don't step on my tail, I don't step on yours". And we shall live happily ever after like fairy tales. Haha.. Hope you would be able to comprehend. Xie xie~