Sunday, July 13, 2008

So emo.. My days are filled with assignments.. more and more assignments!!!

I miss my home sweet home..

I miss my dear parents..

I miss my kacau bilau punya siblings especially my dear sis..

I miss my lovely and playful nieces and nephew..

...and I miss my mum superlicious home food!!!

Have not been home for a month now..

Living in a very techy and electronic world.. the whole environment and atmosphere is so.. electronic and digital. I couldn't live without my handphone, and there isn't a day where I didn't connect myself with my PC. In fact, I spent most of my time staring at my PC.

My everyday life only involves going to college by vehicles that contributes to air pollution, writing notes, listening to lectures, coming back for assignments, study, eating out, and my only view is - my desk! A stupid dumb-ass PC that work as slow as a tortoise, a keyboard, a mouse, a webcam, speaker, poker cards, notes, pencil box etc. That's my routine.

All these made me feel like I've lost connection with the nature.. Sometimes I want to run naked and freely like Adam and Eve. Hahaha...

Since I couldn't get out from hustle and bustle of life, I made a decision to.. be a nun!!!

Errr.. Not really.. I still want to enjoy eating alot of bak kut teh..

The first step into getting me to feel more closer to the nature is... to have something green at the place I spent most of my time at - my desk. Went to Carrefour the other day to look for some mini size plants. Cactus looked scary, and other plants looked like they are dying already. Then I thought "Hey... why not I buy tortoise or fish? It should be fun...". Then Robin warned me that tortoise bites! And when it bites, it will never let go and you'll be shouting like hell the the moon comes out (claimed by people who is superstitious). I almost dropped of my plan.. till today..

Remarkably.. Robin surprised Vince and me by coming to our house with fishes and other equipment which he bought from a shop, which is very far, and which he walked to. Where to find this type of friend? Right? He bought 5 guppies and 6 cardinal tetra (commonly known as lighting fish because they have a striking iridescent line on their body). We then accompanied him to buy his fishes.. he bought fishes and many many many tiny prawns. Robin has got 3 times more prawns than the fishes in his aquariums! They are so cute.. and I like to look at them more than the fishes actually.

Robin's aquarium was very nicely decorated. And me as first timer, didn't do very well in aquarium's interior design. These are the pictures taken, judge for yourself~

Robin's - Bigger aquarium, more rumput rumpai, more space.. and definitely more prawns! hahaha~

Robin's - Yellow lighting - nice uh?

Mine - smaller aquarium, after 2 rumput rumpai, the fishes are already giving me the look telling "cik.. no more space for us to swim lah..."

Mine - white LED lighting - not so nice, but the shop only got this type of lighting
I feel so much better now.. water - fishes - rumput rumpai - stones - ya, I can live with it. Now I'm balanced : right side - the digital world, stress stress stress!!! ; left side - shu fook sai... nature..... Hahaha~

After a tiring day putting up 2 aquariums, we reward ourselves with durians!!!... and self-made root beer with vanila ice-cream!!! Which made Robin purge *wooppssss*

A friend in need, is a friend in deed. Our friendship with Robin assures me that friendship do exist. One that involves care, honesty and respect!