Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Final exam is around the corner.. in fact, the 1st paper is in 2-day time!
I find the need to study one of the subjects - Moral & Etika is plain ridiculous. Thought we have similar subjects throughout our 5 years in secondary school?! But we still need to comprehend with it because it is an requirement set by government on education institution. Duh...
Nevertheless, I like the lecturer, she made the boring topic more lively, and she tried to be humorous sometimes (it works for me.. :P). Although I only attended 1 or 2 of her plenty lectures, but I enjoyed her teaching during tutorial classes.

What I'm afraid of is Ms. Serene's subject. Didn't attend lecture, and spend most of the time laughing during Tutorial class. Especially seeing Chun Ming group presenting... oh gosh~

Chun Ming covering up his over-exposed belly.. kinda sexy lah.. why cover?!

Chun Ming is an Indian lady.. muahahahahaaa~ Together with Lily, Mei Kun & Raymond

Have not been studying much lately, comparing with previous sem. What's the word... ah... 'playful'! I've been very playful lately.. with constant visits to pool centre.

Played badminton with Vince friends, went for a movie at KLCC- watched Babylon A.D (sucks, not recommended). Even the director itself critiqued on the movie because the original work was exploited by the studio and producers (refer to Initially, I was kinda thrilled knowing that Vin Diesel - the macho guy who made XXX my favourite movie, is the leading actor in the movie! Ended up disappointed to see that such talent has been wasted in this movie.

Had also play mahjong all night long, till 6am the next morning.. total of 10 hours with the mahjong tiles! Seeing the tension & 'low-blood pressure' Robin, happy but cursing Chee Hon and losing & yet still smiling Rachel playing, really make us laugh. It's scary to see the sky turns bright after few hours of playing, times flies when playing mahjong! I didn't get to play much, don't really know how to play mahjong. I'm just the substitute player for Vince because the tiles treats me better. Thanks to me he didn't lose that much.

Pictures of our pool session:-

Dave CC.. couldn't get a nice picture of him because he's too fast!

Nicole looked sabai sabai.. but she won the woman championship!

Chee Hon dominated male championship.. bluek~

Very yeng punya Rachel.. mai siao siao~

Remember him?! Yes! He's Wei Wei!!!

I miss my buddy Eric!!! Glad he's still in 1 piece.. :P

ZZ.. losing most of the time. Too many 'kao sau' ady..

Ah Fei.. tengah masukkan the 9th ball, i remembered he masukkan the white ball too - foul!!!

Kecik kecik cili padi... can challenge sama Chee Hon & CC!!!

Hey! How come there's no picture of me playing pool! I bet I'll look very yeng oso~ I'm aways the photographer saja~ Sobz

Vince jamming on ZZ electronic guitar... his music is definitely 100% sound pollution!

He have been very playful too... pretty occupied with his new PSP as birthday gift from me, Fei, Jeb, Kah Yi & ZZ. Check out the pics..

Happy 22nd birthday dear!
...birthday cake courtesy of Sim Xiao Yin~

Vincenzo & 'Joycenzo'~

... with Kah Yi~ Whoever needs make-up artist, you may contact this expert!

Vince showing his bronze matte PSP.. and he wasn't drunk altho he looked like he is..

... with Ah Fei, my part time bf :P

Xiao Yin, Suzanne, Vince, Joyce & Kah Yi
Xing fu de nan ren~ He's wearing Amway t-shirt saying Life is Good! Suits him very well!

Can't help but laughing see those guys trying to act 'kawaii'

Well, this is my life for the past few weeks. How about yours?!

Next blog will be out *hopefully* after my Bangkok trip, am promising lots so photos!!! Keeping my finger crossed, hoping that the political turmoil will be resolved by then. I need this trip so badly, am anticipating so much fun with Alicia and Bernard! The political chaos happened in the wrong time, and the wrong place! Ishhh... News reporting on this political turmoil scares both my and Alicia's mum. Insisting that we cancel our trip. Couldn't blame them at all, as the chaos is really terrible. The latest news I've heard is that 1 died, 43 injured. Which parents want their children to be in such place?!

Vince is now bugging me to study, because I'm his unpaid lecturer cum tutor to prepare him for exam. Guess I'll better start my revision... exam sucks, like always. Nobody likes exam, and whoever does, really freaks me out!

*10% luck, 90% effort*