Saturday, June 28, 2008

I am tired, but happy. Pitching for TLC (a non profit org that gives 100% divident of product sales to charity home) is finally over. I did my best for the pitch, hope my best is good enough for the rest of the teammates. Our BIG IDEA might not be that appealing (as what Ms. Serene comment), but we do have creativity in some sense.

I'm just glad that Ms. Serene grouped us the way she did. All of us have our own expertise -

1) Khee Yan as Copywriter who came out with very brilliant copy. One of his work is for T-shirt - front side stating "It takes good hands to fly a kite" and back side stating "It takes a good heart to wear this t-shirt".

2) Rachel & Melissa - The Creative Directors who came out with great ideas - simple thoughts can be BIG idea too! Dun play play~

3) Angela - skilled Graphic Designer who came out with very nice designs for all our ads.

4) Mei Kun, Yoyo & Hsze Wei - Researcher for SWOT, finance supervisor, budget controller & also admin. Without them, our proposal wouldn't be so organized.

5) The guys Louis & Chee Hon - They are the ones in backstage - making sure everything is OK. We had hard time involving them because they couldn't online. But they they never missed any discussion at all! Full attendance! Haha~

7) Me - Filter (position given by Rachel)- Due to my age gap with my teammates, I think more like Ms. Serene and kept standing at client side - thinking if this or that idea is workable. In other words, I'm the "loop-hole finder". I felt many times like i "splash cold water" (phut lang sui in cantonese) to my teams as I kept questioning their idea. Kekekee...

After pitching, the comments we got was:

+ve : All your groups chose the right person in the team to pitch.
+ve : Group took initiative to print out creative execution - Good!
+ve : Like Powerpoint because got pictures
+ve : Joyce look pretty today (coz I make up), Joyce voice was the loudest among other girls who pitched (I chor lor ma)

-ve : Don't have a strong BIG idea, more to events and activities
-ve : Don't pitch well - didn't practice guidelines for pitching
-ve : Too many pictures cramped in 1 slides - very kia su
-ve : "Joyce, jaga your gesture, don't slap your thigh like that" (wooppss.. that time I accidentally slapped my thigh one laa.. haha) - It was so funny when Ms. Serene said that. And she slapped her butt while saying "Luckily you didn't slap your butt like this". Wahahahaa~

It doesn't matter anymore if we win or lose in this pitching. Coz I really had a great time with this team. Although we are from the same class, we hardly speak to each other - some even never spoke to me before. But after this assg and pitching, we became very supportive and motivated to make this assg a success - which we did!

Rachel & I (from coursemate to classmate to teammate and friends now!)

Ones I had great time with, my teammates and pool kaki - Melissa, Rachel & Mei Kun~

With teammates - Mei Kun, Angela and Yoyo at Old Town Kopitiam. We were all so happy that pitching is oveeerrrr~

Us.. with AAV2 superstar! Soon Kit featured in Ah Long movie recently..

Half of AAV2 family - we occupied 8-tables at Old Town!!!

People, support TLC! All for quality, all for charity. You can do a good deed while doing your shopping. Look out for TLC products at JJ, Carrefour and Cold Storage supermarket.