Sunday, June 15, 2008


Was supposed to join Father's Day dinner with family today. But I haven't finish up my assignments and report.. *sob sob* They must be having a great time now.. with sharks fin soup, roast chicken, yam basket etc etc etc.. yummm yummmmm~ Pity me~

While others are having a nice meal, I'm here at CyberCafe to online for assignment sake (I blog awhile to release stress ok..) And while others is enjoying companionship of family member, I'm here sitting beside a stranger with very smelly feet! He sit like nobody business with his leg folded up on the chair. The stench? UNBELIEVABLE!!! Yucks!!! And if this is not yucky enough, he's picking his nose now! I mean right now when I'm typing this out! He pick his nose, look at his finger, and stick whatever 'gold' he got under the table! He did it again and again and he wipe his nose with his t-shirt! Holy cow! This is the worst experience in CC!!! Can't image what else is on or under the table! Ish! Geli!!!

I definitely won't be coming to CC again once I have my line fixed at home!!! Can't blog about anything grosser than this! Spoil the Father's Day mood laaaa.....

Before I sign-off, I would like to say "Happy Father's Day daddy! Although I'm not there to celebrate this once in a year occasion with you, I'm sure you'll have a enjoyable dinner with abang-abang, kakak, all your lovely grandchildren and mak-ee!"

This is my parents! My act-cool dad and mumbling mum (well, that's why the word mumbling has a 'mum' there). No matter what, I love both of them VERY VERY much and don't ever want to have anyone besides them as my parents!!! *muackssss~