Thursday, October 23, 2008

The name of the restaurant gimme the musshhyyy musssshhy feeling for Alicia

The highlight in Day 2 is definitely our dinner at Cabbages & Condoms Restaurant! It’s listed as one of the most unique restaurant in Bangkok. This restaurant is one of a kind! So what do they have to say on this unique idea of a restaurant?

First of all, Cabbages and Condoms Restaurants were established in part to support the activities of PDA, promoting the health and safety aspects of condom use and birth control pills in an amusing manner.

Their justification? Cabbages are a common food in Northeast Thailand, in fact they are a staple part of the diet, they are grown in all villages, there are everywhere and everybody uses them. Now, if condoms could be as common and used as often, then some of the population and health problems facing Thailand could be overcome! (obtained from their website)

And the theme nothing else but... CONDOMS!!!!!

My jaw was wide opened right from the moment I enter the Restaurant with a big signage of Cabbages & Condoms.. until I left! There's too many interesting thing to see, and I was busy snapping pictures like nobody business!

The food is just average though.. but the place is just amazing! There's many section, from the beer bar, open air, air-conditioned and to upper level (tree-house like).. that explains why I'm so busy with Alicia bro's camera uh? And because I'm not familiar with the night mode function, I used Bernard's Olympus.. and not satisfying enough, I persuaded Teck Sheng to use his Canon - which is remarkable! It work like wonder for such dark places!

Enjoy the posted pictures. Remember that you can always click on the picture for a larger version *wink*

The tree-house like section up there

Nice ambient uh?

Should have get one of this T-shirt

Presenting.. creative artwork.. all made of condoms

100% made from oral contraceptive pills and more condoms
.. never knew condoms come in so many different colors..

A closer look on all the stretched condoms..

wonder if the condoms will melt? or burnt off?

free condoms to take..

Notice the shape in the center.. ??

Menu.. decorated with condoms.. like I always say.. Bon appetite!

Alicia - Bernard - Teck Sheng @ Coffee & Condoms..

Computer & Condoms.. behind is the Internet & Condoms section

yay~ reach for the condoms!

the different type of condoms available..
..not that I know where to get it.. :P
Any Reason, Any Season... by Four Seasons!
Imitating the 4 condoms from Four Seasons?

Unlimited condoms for grabssss..

Showing off our free condoms on our way out! Hahahah~

That's about it for 2nd day in Bangkok..
Am thinking about blogging about my previous trip.. To Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Gold Coast, Phuket, Pattaya.. but then again, I'm actually started to get bored blogging about Bangkok. Haha!


Quin Rinn said...

omfg!!!hahahahaha(i didn't know which one to say first) CONDOM THEMED RESTAURANT!!??HAHAHAHA that is sooo awesome yet appropriate aye?hahahah rofl!

Joyce Yap said...

Yeah.. i was speechless! Such a cool place!