Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Latest news on the 6 fishes in the safe house

Unfortunately, the safe house isn’t that safe after all. The death toll of the fishes family is increasing, with the shocking murder of 1 more fish in the safe house - Speedy the black lighting tetra. Speedy swims like lightning! But it looks like he’s not going anywhere now. Fast and furious was his favorite movie and his favorite cartoon character is Speedy Gonzales. We are going to miss Speedy very much.

New leads:- IT MUST BE A VIRUS!

Since Mr. Shitfish Sucker and Mr. Prawn Ripper and the gang are still in the jail, they are eliminated from the prime suspect list for the murder of Speedy.

The so called ‘water gone wicked’ shouldn’t be the killer. We placed the fishes in the safe house with new clean water. It should be something internal. Killer among themselves? Or they are down with diseases/ virus? SARS?!

Autopsy will be done by our fish expert Mr. Robinshern. Please rest assured that the press will be updated when the result of autopsy is out.

At the meantime, the remaining 5 fishes will be put in a extra safe care. Hopefully no more killing will be reported anytime soon!



Quin Rinn said...

bahaha.i have such a cool joyce kor kor ;)