Monday, September 19, 2011

It was Malaysia Day and also a day where I did one of the craziest food hunting ever... In total we went to 5 different outlets just for lunch! How crazy is that??!!!

At first we went to have a proper lunch at Serai Empire that serves Thai, traditional Malay and some variety of Western food.

Dessert : Trab Thim Grob (something like that) - coconut milk with nut shell. Not bad but not impressive. Would prefer it hot, maybe the taste of coconut milk would be better then.

Macchiato - small little cup if coffee, just like espresso, without the kick.

Tomyam seafood. Very sourish and taste good. Would prefer it to be thicker and a little bit more spicy.

Nasi kerabu with ayam percik. I really miss the taste of authentic nasi kerabu prepared by my aunt. Being a nyonya that has quite alot of Malay influence in terms of cookery, my aunt prepared one of the best nasi kerabu I have ever tasted. Serai Empire is not a disappointment, but it just does not live up to my expectation as someone who ate nasi kerabu since young. They do have all the essential ingredient such as telur masin, cili sumbat, keropok ikan, and sambal, but I would prefer more long beans and all the leafy stuff. And perhaps some taugeh? The ayam percik is not bad, nicer having it with the accompanied gravy.

I would say that Serai Empire @ Empire Gallery do provide good variety of authentic food, but the taste has been customized to local preference and thus more commercialized.

As the portion we ordered are meant for 1 person, we decided to do stall hopping! There are alot of food kiosk and we just hop from one to another.

2nd stop! Hot&Roll! This food kiosk has always been one of my favorite grab away food. Took my usual Crispy Chicken Ham & Cheese. Would love to try other fillings in my next visit.

Next is the Sisters Crispy Popiah. Usually I don't take popiah (spring roll) unless it is fried. But this is an exception because I really love the crispy filling inside. It is unlike the normal popiah that is soggy. Don't think I can find this in Klang... Hmmm...

4th stop is the popular 1901 Hotdog! We had coney dog which I hope they could improve more on the sauce. All these while I would only take the Soakin Ted which is the huge hotdog. It taste just as good although with only ketchup.

The last stop we made for lunch is Dome at Subang Parade. We need to complete our lunch with a good cup of coffee, and as for me, I am eager to find out why Bernard says Dome's mushroom soup is better than Levain's.

My big bowl of wild mushroom soup. It is creamy n thick in flavor with alot of mushrooms in it! I especially love the croutons to be soaked / dipped in the soup before I eat it. Yummy... And it is comparable to Levain's, which I find more flavorful, maybe because it is a wild mushroom + chicken soup.

Overall we had way too much for lunch. I did not over stuffed myself though. Feeling good and could have a bowl of good cendol too! ;)

16th September 2011

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Joyce Yap said...

@Barry Yap, can't believe this was a year ago! We should have did this last weekend (Malaysia Day) to mark the one year anniversary of stall hopping! ;)