Tuesday, July 3, 2012

During my first trip to Cameron Highlands, we stayed at Century Pines Hotel which is a decent and inexpensive place to stay at Tanah Rata. We enjoyed the big rooms and environment, but it was kinda far from Brinchang, which is where the town is.

Second trip there, and we've finally get to stay at the much talked about hotel in Cameron Highlands - The Smokehouse Hotel & Restaurant!

It is one of the most famous building in Cameron because of its distinctive facade and decoration of being an English Tudor style hotel that was built in 1939. Imagine how much history that building has contained?

The fine touches..

Antique door knob

Antique lookin mirror

Fine deco to enhance the British atmosphere

Old fashioned switches - this is so old!
Carlsberg advertisement in displayed in the bar

Antique photos

The old oil lamp
The building facade & interior deco

Night view of The Smokehouse Hotel

The Smokehouse Bar with fireplace and gramophone (antique music player)

Chandeliar, photo frames, empty bottles and other deco just to complete the feel

How nice to dine here for candlelight dinner
The dining area beautifully decorated.. dimmed and romantic.. the English way!

Outdoor fireplace and chimney
Old fashioned sofas

Infront of The Smokehouse

Outside of the hotel room.. it's just like a small house concept..  

The garden and flowers

The beautiful garden & fountain

Cameron wouldn't be complete without beautiful fresh flowers! These are the flowers planted in The Smokehouse..  

The Glass Room

In the morning, the glass room is meant to be a bright, cheerful and calm place for one to enjoy breakfast to kick-start the day!

At night, it s a relaxing place with smell of flowers, and silent ambience to calm down before heading to bed.

Kind of thinking to recreate this place if I have my own home in the future.. :)

The Smokehouse Hotel & Restaurant

P. O. Box 77, Tanah Rata 39007 Cameron Highlands,
Pahang darul Makmur, Malaysia.
Contact No: 605-491 1215 Fax : 605-491 1214

Another place not to be missed is the Strawberry Moments Dessert Cafe. All their desserts are.. of course.. made of strawberries!

cameron highland strawberry

Chocolate fondue with strawberries, tomatoes, marshmellow and choco stick

Strawberry Moments

Address      :-  24, Jalan Angsana 1, Brinchang Point, Cameron Highlands, 39100, Brinchang, Pahang
Contact no  :- 05-5466595

Cameron will always be my relaxing holiday destination. YES to cuti-cuti Malaysia!


王子 said...

the red .nauthy-boy = Anthurium

www.ongzi-secretgarden.blogspot,com said...

the bird of paradise = Strelitzia sp

ongzi said...

the first photo... a yellow jagong-like = Pachystachys lutea

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