Friday, July 6, 2012

It's the durian season!!!!!

This time around, we made a special family trip back home to Penang for durians!

On our first day upon arriving, we drove directly to Genting Cafe @ Island Glades where they serve the BEST Penang style chee cheong fun!!! If you ever get the chance to visit this kopitiam, do NOT forget to order their asam laksa (taste like the famous Ayer Itam asam laksa because the owner's son opened another stall here), the sar hor fun and duck egg char kuey teow too. Fourquare tips on this place that promotes very highly on their curry mee and pork knuckle rice. I hope to try these in my next trip.

One of the reason I go back to Penang

Finishing the asam laksa till the last drop!

3-ee "Kon cheng jor"

Was enjoying our food half way till we recalled about taking photographs

After a satisfying lunch, we head to Balik Pulau for durian and came across a place called Bao Sheng Yuan . The place is kind of secluded and the only thing that attracted us is the huge signage.

Don't miss this HUGE signage!

We have options to go for durian buffet which is RM55 p/pax or to pick various durian with different prices. We were too full to have durian buffet. So Sunny chose 3 huge durians namely Ang Heh (red prawn), Che Phooi (green skin) and Lin Feng Jiao (name of an actress). Indeed the durian named Lin Feng Jiao is bitter because she have always acted in bitter movies. It taste good anyway - cause dad says true durian lovers will appreciate the bitterness in durians. While Ang Heh and Che Phooi has this thick flavorful durian that just makes you close your eyes and go "yuhhhmmm" everytime u takes a bite.

Jaga sikit blood pressure tu!

No, we did not eat this much! Took this from another table..

Bao Sheng Yuan also offers stay at their chalet with private swimming pool. Staying at this place you may expect to hear the durian dropping from the tree as it's surrounded by durian trees on top of the hill. Looking at their brochure, it seemed like a nice relaxing place to stay - except for being abit secluded and one may have trouble finding food at nearby area.

If you would like to go to Bao Sheng Yuan, use the road from Balik Pulau to Teluk Bahang. You will see the huge signage on the left hand side right after the Titi Kerawang waterfalls.

More info here
Imagine how good the durian will be if this place can secure the domain!!!

YAY!!! What a satisfying pit stop!

The next day 4-ku brought us for a boat ride to Pulau Aman for the freshest seafood ever! This by far, already is my MOST fruitful trip back to Penang. Didn't know it's gonna get better!!!

** Excited **

...with the old boys, sexy mama, and best chefs in the family!

Having a blast on the speed boat!

Here we are.. the floating restaurant of Pulau Aman

During our 1-2 hours stop at this place, many fishing boat came to drop off their catch - varies from fish, prawns, crabs and mantis prawns - ALL FRESH FROM THE SEA!

fishing boat with their catch of the day!

I was in awe looking at these giant mantis prawns

my favourite.. fresh prawns!

4-ku ordered huge portion of prawns, two different type of crabs, mantis prawns, mee udang istimewa, and fried mee hun, which are all accompanied by fresh prawns too. No enhancement of sauce is needed when you are eating these freshly steam seafood as you would enjoy the taste of freshness and sweetness.

We had a total of 3 plates of the crabs

Mee hun goreng with big prawns

Mee udang istimewa a must try at Restaurant Terapung Pulau Aman - very spicy!

Enjoying to the max!
What can I say.. "uh-la-laaa"

The boat trip + seafood for 10 pax cost us a total of RM400. It's considered cheap for the quality of the food we get, and of course, the THRILL we experienced!!!

The thrill does not end here, as 4-ku brought us to the very much anticipated trip up to the durian orchard at Sungai Ara. The orchard is located uphill where there is only one way up and down for cars to pass by. Sitting in Sunny's car, he even have to give way for the motorcycle to pass by while transporting big basket of durians! So we were wondering how if there's another car on the way down???!!

When we arrived, there are many durian seller picking their durians and brushing the leafs away from the durian with a comb before transporting it down hill . There are alot of durian to choose from, but I didn't hear any of the Ang Heh or other famous durian.

4-ku friend who own the orchard picked a few durian for us. To our dismay, the durian unfortunately is up not to our expectation as it's mostly durian kampung. The seed is huge and the flesh is thin. Some might prefer durian kampung as it's heard that these durian is original without any chemical. But still, I prefer my Ang Heh., Che Phooi  and Lin Feng Jiao compared to durian kampung.

Lelong lelong!!!

Behind me are all the durian tree belongs to the orchard owner - u can bet he's filthy rich!

Just beside the orchard located a waterfall. 4-ku have already reminded all of us to bring extra clothings in case we want to get into the water. It is at this place where I saw the child side of my parents - they were soooo happy and was enjoying the waterfall. I had fun just by looking at them, capturing their act on camera and video. I'll just share some here..

This durian dropped from the tree and we took it to the waterfall. Mum was enjoying it while considering if she should join 3-ee and dad in the waterfall as she has forgotten to bring extra "inner clothings".

Finally gave up to the temptation and decided to go down. Dad was being such a gentleman for bringing mum in. So sweet...

At first dad float, secondly he swim, freestyle, then backstroke.. in a waterfall!

Then he did the most sexiest pose found in a waterfall!

Introducing the mastermind of all the evil plans to make me fat! My 4-ku!!!

After the waterfall session, we decided to MAKAN AGAIN and have a light dinner before calling it a day. The light dinner turned out to be NOTHING LIGHT at all!!! Look at what Sunny and daddy has ordered...

Fried mantis prawns, fried oyster, yong tau foo, ikan bakar, jiu hu eng chai (sotong kangkong), and fresh oyster

Penang loh mee, hokkien mee, asam laksa, char kuey teow and a photo of 10 plates of food for 5 person!

The hawker stall serves averagely good Penang food. And since it's jsut average, nothing to hoo-haa about.. I'll just forget the name of the food court. Haha!

We then went to Straits Quay to have a breeze walk while admiring lines of boats berthed at the marina and window shopping at the street bazaar. Took a final stop at Dome for coffee and chit chat before we headed home for a good night sleep.

My smiley face cappuccino

At the entrance of Straits Quay Penang

So that's our entire Penang trip! It's an exciting one because I get to try new things, and brought to new places.

Am definitely going back to Pulau Aman and Bao Sheng Yuan soon!



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