Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sis SMS-ed me today. I guess my FB post somehow hinted her that there is something wrong with me.

None of my family member ever really cared or worried about me, assuming that I'm independent and are always fine by myself. And they should think that way, coz I've always share with them my little achievement in life, showed them that I'm fine, happy, smiling and cheerful.

I do stumble and fall in life, but without them knowing. I get myself back up, and continue smiling. So yeah.. Joyce is fine.

This time, I don't know what triggered my sister to message me. And her SMS made my heart feels weird, the SMS was touching, but it meant more to me, it made my heart melt, I almost choke on my noodles, and I went teary immediately.

My siblings may love me alot, but they have no time to care about me, just too busy with their life. This SMS is one of the first I have received. So it was touching for me to know that my sis cared.

I guess aside from feeling touched, what made me cry is to know that they actually realized they have neglected their little sister!!! They know I was, and still am all alone without support and advice from my elder brothers and sister!!!

... I think for their little sister who practically grew up alone, I'm doing pretty fine. At least I did not end up as a drug addict or a complete failure.

So... I'm good... and will always stay this way.

Thanks sis for your message although how simple it may be. You will never see this blog coz I do not want you to be worried about me. But I hope you know that your little sister loves u!!! HUGS...