Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Went to The Curve few months back (before series of kidnapping and snatch thief cases started), and we walk along the Street Market heading to e@curve

There is this one stall selling watches and of course I stopped! Watch is always my item of interest....

This stall is selling Mini watch. A brand of watch with alot of 3D design in the watch and the actual clock inside the watch is just at the size of 5 cents.

One watch with cat design caught my eyes. Tried it on. Looked great. Asked for the price. RM80 non-negotiable.

To me, it seemed like another pasar malam watch and not worth that price. Walked away with a heavy heart.

3D watch cat design The Curve
 Mini watch with cat design
Second time went to IKEA, drop by at the same stall. The cat design sold, leaving few more designs which i did consider, but ended up not buying.

3D watch rich lady design The Curve
Mini 3D watch rich lady design
3D watch dragonfly design The Curve
Mini 3D watch dragonfly design
3D watch pony design The Curve
Mini 3D watch pony design (kid-like)
3D watch collection The Curve
Collection of Mini 3D watches

Third time having more urge to buy, the whole stall wasn't there anymore!

Went online to see if i could get it from other place. No avail except for online stores. RM110. CHAR DOU!!!!

Lesson learnt : If i really like something, and i can easily afford it, just GRAB IT! Life is too short to regret in not buying a RM80 watch!

Stupid to find this watch expensive but the following weekend went to buy a RM600 Bonia watch and a RM100 Philippe Renault watch without thinking twice!


Ashwin said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi there, I am the one selling MINI watch at The Curve street market.Glad that you like our watch ^^ Act every Saturday & Sunday we are there just different booth. Feel free to contact me at my line 017-361 3985 if you coming next time. Promise will reserve u "best price" thanks.^^

Joyce Yap said...

Hey there! Can't believe my luck! Do u still have the cat design? And what's the range of your best price? .....just asking.

Verniss said...

Hey... My u know ecurve whr u sell?? I like the cat one^^ how much ?

Nursuraya Shazlin bt Sujairi said...

How can i get this KOREAN MINI 3D Watch ??? i really want it... please help me..

Joyce Yap said...

Hi Nursuraya, I got it from The Curve street market. The lady who is selling it commented in this blog too. Have a look. Her contact number is 017-361 3985.

Ana said...

Hi there! I am completely in love with these watches but unfortunately here in Spain we must shop only online. Here is a little review of mine if you want to take a look!!

Anonymous said...

we do have this watches available for sale.. kindly visit

thank you