Thursday, November 22, 2012

17th November 2012
Yay! Food blogging again!

This is actually my 3rd visit to Allegro Cafe, a cozy little Italian restaurant.

This shop is kinda hidden in the row of shop opposite Little Bally Cafe.
Look out for a yellow signboard at the first floor with a little balcony facing front.

Once you stepped in, it gives a very warm and cosy feeling.
It's just a small little restaurant to cater less than 40 pax.
But it's a nice place to chill, and sit back after meal.

The ambient of the Italian restaurant

The mirror image

Allegro Cafe menu
The traditional looking menu

As the menu offers whole lot of selection of pasta, pizza, main courses, desserts etc,
we seek for one of the chinese supervisor's recommendation.

Barry ordered carbonara but he said one of their signature pasta is almost
the same as carbonara but it's with wild mushroom, and without egg, so the sauce is thicker.


So we ordered the recommended Tagliatelle with Wild Mushroom.
The sauce is thick, flavorful, cheesy, and makes me wanting more!
Definitely one of the best carbonara-type pasta I've tasted!
Allegro Cafe tagliatelle
homemade flat noodles cooked with mushroom, cheese and herbs (RM 28)
I ordered my usual Lamb Shank. Wouldn't miss it in every visit!
Option of pasta or salad as side for the braised lamb.
The lamb shank is tender, and the gravy is yummylicious!

Allegro Cafe lamb shank
lamb shank braised to tenderness (RM 32)

Vince was summoned to order pizza, and so this salmon lover got us Smoked Salmon pizza.

However, among all the dishes we ordered, this pizza is a disappointment.
It is almost tasteless and the salmon is such a waste to be used this way.

Next time try the Quattro Stagioni pizza.
I've tried it, it was good - but bear in mind that it has beef bacon and pepperoni on it.

Allegro Cafe smoked salmon pizza
slices of smoked salmon, onion and rosemary (RM 30)
joyce and salmon pizza

For desserts, we were recommended Zabaione which
has egg white foam and a little bit of wine on it.

The taste of wine is not as strong as expected, but there is a wine aroma in it.
Scoop in deeper and you'll find yourself vanilla ice cream
to blend in with the foam and choco powder.

Allegro Cafe zabaoine
Zabaione - egg meringue flavored with Marsala wine or coffee served with vanilla ice cream (RM 12)
We also ordered the old-fashioned dessert - the tiramisu!
It took them around 20 minutes to serve the tiramisu after clearing our tables.
They might have forgotten about our order.
Not a big fan of tiramisu, to me it taste nice, but doesn't get my taste bud tingling.

Allegro Cafe tiramisu
homemade layers of sponge fingers and Mascarpone cheese (RM 13)

Bernard, Vince, Joyce & Barry @ Allegro Cafe

Verdict :-
Food : 4 / 5
(smoked salmon pizza not up to par)

Ambiance : 4.5 / 5

Service : 3.5 / 5
(having trouble communicating with one of the waiter 
and our tiramisu has been completely forgotten from the order chit)

Price : 4 / 5
(Total bill of RM150++ including coffee and mushroom soup,
the portion is quite small for the price paid)

Address :-
Allegro Cafe
11A, 1st floor,
Jalan SS15 / 4,
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor
Tel : 03-5631 5682

Had a yummylicious dinner on my birthday eve
with these good men!!!

* xoxo *


Anonymous said...

We have to wait for almost an hour to get our order. The soup came after 20min waiting and the garlic bread came after we almost done with the soup. The marinara was tasteless. Nothing great with the food. Overall 2.0/5.0.

Anonymous said...

The food is good...its depend to our taste..

Joyce Yap said...

Ouch.. one hour to order? Was it a full house that day?

I've been there three times, and have no issue in waiting time - except for that one time when they completely forgotten my tiramisu. Other than that, my visits was pleasant..

If you decided to give Allegro Cafe another chance, perhaps you can try out their lamb shank. It's my fav.. yuhmmm... :)