Saturday, November 10, 2012

Has it been two weeks since I last updated my blog?!!
Time really flies when we are occupied huh???

I've got my Chicago concert to blog about,
trip to Sekeping Serendah,
cari-cari makan adventure etc..

But let me start with my long pending update since 23rd Oct 2012.

Out of desperation to watch Kenny Rogers live in Malaysia,
I tuned into Lite FM from 8.30am till 7.00pm everyday
during their concert tickets give away!
Working with my earphone plugged the entire day
waiting for the cue call, gosh I do look silly!!!

I managed to be the first caller in one of the evening session,
but failed to guess the song played
- which was Crazy by Kenny Rogers.
I almost get myself CRAZIEEEE for not getting
it right despite calling for days!

In the end.. I still get to see Kenny Rogers.
Still a free ticket for me.
Thanks to Barry for the pre-birthday gift! 
It is definitely a memorable one!!! :)

Here's photo blasting on my getaway to Genting!!!

kenny rogers genting 2012
Our expensive tickets of RM252 each.

One pic while checking in bro! 
kenny rogers arena of stars
"You are too young for Kenny Rogers concert!"
...said Dato C.J when he bumped into me at Coffee Bean

Barry and I are oldies kaki and I'm glad to have someone
who doesn't think Kenny Rogers as just roasted chicken.. :P

We were highly anticipating the appearance of Kenny Rogers at the Arena of Stars..
But it definitely shocked us seeing him..
He looked really old..
With white hair like Colonel Sanders..
He's thinner compare to how his poster portrays him..
Looked frail..
Walking very slowly from one side to another..
Holding on to his chest when singing..
I thought he may have a heart attack anytime soon!
And appear to be too simple as a performer..
Wore a white blouse.. Unbotton sleeves.. Looked like he had just woke up from sleep..

Nevertheless, he's all out in that concert!
The songs are great.. his voice is marvellous.. he still HAS IT!!!

It's the audience instead that bores me..
None is sporting enough to sing along, jive around,
stand up etc when is being called to by the band..

Nevertheless, I was introduced to more of Kenny Rogers hit song such as
We've Got Tonight
The Gambler
Coward of the County

and many more..

Oh ya... although he's old, and he looked old,
the truth is..
he is a father of 8-years old boy twins!!!


One of my new favourite song from Kenny Rogers
We've Got Tonight with Dolly Parton

The concert ended after an hour (pretty short one huh)..
So we went for late night shopping.. chocolate hunting.. 

genting food
Chocolate fondue even at Genting?!!
genting food
Cannot be compared to dip n dip @ Bangsar..

joyce yap
This is to calm me down... like... seriously... 

And we took lots and lots of photos!
(shhhh... Barry really loves taking photos of / with me...)

asian couple

asian couple
asian girl at genting

girl happy jumping flying
jacket fashion 2012
This is Barry's definition of motion snapshot

Barry then brought me to Chin Swee Temple..
A temple which I have seen and passed by for so many years..
But was never visited..
So there I go.. praying under the rain..

chin swee temple genting highlands malaysia turtle farm
me and my turtle friends..

chin swee temple genting highlands

"Goddess Kuan Yin, I've been a good girl..
please popi popi me ping ping ann ann, jian jian kang kang..
Please also popi popi my family and friends and shield them from harm.."

I'm just so grateful to be able to make it to Kenny Roger's concert.
I wish him long healthy life so that many more could hear him sing.. :)