Monday, November 26, 2012

18th November 2012

This is one special activity to have on a birthday!

To hike up current hiker's attraction @ Broga Hill, Semenyih.

It has a special meaning to it you know...

To witness the sun unfolds my birthday, 
I want to mark the sunrise as a beginning 
to a new chapter of my life.
Coming year is gonna be a great one! :)

And so.. Vince and I woke up at 2.45am.
Left my house at 3.20am.
4.00am arrived at Kota Damansara to pick up lovebirds CC and Rachel.
Reached Broga Hill starting point at 5.00am.

We relied on the GPS to the palm oil estate with only one small signboard of Broga Hill.
Parking is now chargeable of RM2 per entry.

It was pitch dark when we arrived.
Luckily we had our own torchlight.
CC brought along his super SPOTLIGHT from cycling.
It is enough to brighten up his view up to 50 meters away!!! (I think la... coz it's super bright!)

I confess that I was filled with regrets in the first 15 minutes of hiking up.
The pathway is not meant for proper hike.
It's muddy, slippery, very steep, and oh gawd, I was panting like an old lady!
(Pardon me, don't forget I am one year older that day)

I am thankful to have Vince who has offered to carry my bag.

Bet Vince didn't know what's in my bag before he offered to carry it.

1) Torchlight - A MUST

2) Two bottles of water - A MUST - but just a small bottle, coz u'll be in trouble when nature calls

3) Camera - A MUST - but I didn't use it.

4) Two purse - REGRET. Should just leave it in the car. Just put a few ringgit in the pocket in case you want to buy drinks / coconut water when you arrived at the stalls near parking area.

5) Two mobile phones - A MUST - just one probably? In case of emergency, plus there is phone coverage.

6) Mosquito repellent - DEPENDS. We didn't use it.

7) Face towel - DEPENDS on individual. We just wipe on our shirt. Haha!

8) Snacks - REGRET. We bought ALOT of biscuits, chocolates, wafers etc, but no appetite to munch on any of it.

9. Extra clothing - A MUST - you can change your wet and smelly shirt after

On top of my super heavy bag, Vince was carrying his bulky DSLR bag.
I could imagine the extra baggage he's carrying all the way to the top.
Don't think he would mind.
He's on a mission to lose weight! :P

There are many hill slopes that we stopped to rest.
One of it acted as our loo (no toilet one lehhhh).

We finally made it on top of the hill at around 6am.
That one hour feels like forever to me.
But the view on top, is priceless.

Photos from Vince Nikon DSLR for sharing.


It was still dark at 6am.
So we waited... and waited...

Up up Broga Hill with Rachel

It is actually still very dark when this photo is taken.
We uses torchlight to "sapu sapu" on very low shutter speed.
I'm not technically equipped with photography terms, so bear with me. Haha!

Amazing colors huh?

view on top of the hill
Amazing colors of the pre-sunrise that we made up of lighting technique

Without "sapu sapu" it turns out to be silhouette. 
Which is not bad either! ;)

Romantic silhouette of CC and Rachel 

View of Semenyih at around 6.30am.

view on top of the hill
"I'm on the top of the world looking.. down on creation and the only explanation I can find.. "


view on top of the hill
It's been a long time since we take photo of us together.. *sweet sweet*

view on top of the hill
CC and Rachel looking at the horizon where their future holds 

view on top of the hill
And we are doing the parody version - with Vince acting like those old-skol China pose!

Sunrise seen only at around 7.00am. 
Here comes 18th November 2012!!!
Excited giler yooo!!!

view on top of the hill
Rachel and I watching the egg yolk emerging from the clouds

There are ALOT of hikers that day.
There's a bunch of Malay hikers who did their morning prayer on top of the hill.
They did the whole thing, take out their shoes, wash their feet, kneel for prayer etc.
Salute them! 

view on top of the hill
I love my new Nike pants and shoes. Cost me RM450 for both of em!

view on top of the hill


I find that the way down is actually more difficult than going up.
My knee and toe really hurts.
Needs to "brake" coz the slope is too steep, and one might just slip and slide down.
The one is me.
No serious injury, luckily.
Just minor bruises on my palm.

While we are on our way down, there are many hikers who just started to climb up.
It's kinda hot at that time. And they brought children along.
Some with very high spirit as in "this is sooo fun!!!"
Some have sense of achievement "daddy, I can do it too!!!"
And some almost crying... sobbing away... :P

This hike is fun, but causes alot of muscle pain.
I couldn't feel my legs when I reach the parking lot.

Vince then brought us for dimsum at Balakong, Cheras.
I miss that place.
Used to have breakie there with his family.

Slept like a baby after shower.
Then birthday celebration continues.... 


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