Saturday, November 17, 2012

To have more "feel" of living in the realm of nature, 
you may stream and play this song while
reading this post... 
*just my humble opinion*

Casey Abrams - Simple Life

This getaway is what we call the "Simple Life" 
where there is no TV.. hps.. and yes, 

It's a trip that ET has arranged for us when he's at Qatar.
There are supposed to be more people.
Alicia and Eunice last minute fly airplane.

Facts about this place:-

Location : 
Serendah (exit NKVE Rawang), Selangor

About : 
A 50-acres privately owned tropical rainforest. 
A total of 7 sheds (comprises of warehouse, glass, mud and timber shed).
Each shed is as per it's description and is kept simple and provides only the basic.

Rates : 
We booked Timber Shed 2 and it is RM700 per night. 
It can accommodate up to 6 pax but the 5th and 6th pax is chargeable of RM50 each.
(no one will know if there are 10 ppl sneaking into the shed, no check-in / check-out required)

Bedrooms : 
There are two rooms in our shed. Two queen sized beds, two single beds. 
Enough for 6 pax. Don't know why the 5th and 6th is chargeable though.
Do not expect for air-conditioned rooms. 
There are ceiling fans which is cooling enough in that environment.

Kitchen :
Basic utensils, pots and pans, kettle, fridge, stove, BBQ pit is ready to be used.
Would advise to bring own pots and pans though.
They provide only small ones and kinda dirty.

Bathrooms and toilets : 
Timber shed bathrooms and toilets are open concept. 
Do not freak out yet. There are FOUR WALLS covering up the naked butt.
BUT.. there are no ceiling. So you gonna shiver when it's windy. 
And if it's raining, no mandi time.
Oh ya, the wall is not tall enough to deter people from stretching up their hands 
to take a candid snapshot of your sexy arses.

Meals : 
Good setting for BBQ dinner. 
Do prepare own ingredients and the caretaker can help to prepare the charcoal with charges imposed.
Those who are lazy to go out to the town for meals, or to cook,
may get the caretaker to prepare meals. 
When we were there, we had Indian rice consist of rice, chicken, vege curry, eggs, and papadam,
which is surprisingly TASTY! 
Dinner was RM20 per pax.
Breakfast is available too - choices of roti canai or nasi lemak.
Options may vary.

Programs : 
You gotta self entertain here. 
Coz there is no TV, no network coverage to make phone calls / online.
The only thing they have, is a 4-feet swimming pool. 
If you are there not prepared, you'll end up only enjoying 
the orchestra or crickets, frogs and who knows what's out there in the jungle.
For a group of only 4, we entertained ourselves with movies, and yes, Russell Peters!

Side notes :
Bring your own toiletries e.g towels, shampoo, body wash, toothpaste etc.
Toilet rolls, tissue boxes and mosquito coil provided.
And if it's not enough, there is mosquito net for every bed.
Plan for BBQ, bring some poker cards, but not mahjong-lahh.. 
It's quiet and peaceful out there.. so keep it that way. 
Bottom line - to enjoy oneself here, the more the merrier!

Some may find this place pretty boring.
But that is why we picked this place as our holiday destination.
To get away from hustle and bustle of the city life.
To retreat to nature.
To relax and have a peaceful time.
To do nothing, and buat bodoh aje.
I appreciate the greeneries there.
The simple place to stay.
The chirping birds and crickets, 
the sound of leaves being blown slowly by the wind.
All these actually calm me down alot.
But in the end, we are all looking at our phones 
to play games, listen to music, watch Russell Peters etc. 
It's pretty hard to get by without technologies and gadgets.
We are all indeed city boys and girls. 

Website :


Photos of our trip on 27th - 28th October 2012 to share.

Took me 3 weeks to review the place.
Unbelievably busy recently. 
Slept at 4am yesterday and I'm still awake now. 
Getting old by a year in two days time and I'm acting like a teen?!!

nature retreat
entrance to our timber shed (enter from back)

nature retreat
Barry and I
nature retreat
Watching Lorax coz we are darn bored

nature retreat
the ceiling with natural lighting

nature retreat
wall not plastered, just basic bricks built up, ceiling fan (no air-con) and mosquito net for every beds

nature retreat
traditional window engraving

nature retreat
the kitchen that may look simple, but it has all the basic stuffs u need

nature retreat

the walkway with wired chairs

Sung Sung, Barry, ET and Joyce
My brother, my best bud, my mentor, my caretaker, my friend, my love, my everything for the past 8 years.
nature retreat
The simple bedroom. Comfy enough to sleep.

nature retreat

nature retreat

nature retreat
Brought Domo along.. shhh.. he escaped from the RM50 additional pax charge :)

nature retreat
even their comment card is so simple.. and yes, do be eco friendly and save the water & energy

nature retreat
smiling happily behind bars

nature retreat
... and that's Sung Sung in the bathroom!

nature retreat
we were all looking for the bathrooms and toilets, was surprised to find that this is it.. 

nature retreat
as simple as a shower rose, and a shampoo stand..
behind that wall is the car park... imagine how insecure it feels..
and when it's windy / raining, no way you gonna take your bath...

nature retreat
mandi kerbau that day... :P

nature retreat
the toilet

nature retreat

open concept toilet nature
Timber shed open concept, this is what I mean!
(this is the view when you stretch your hands up high against the brick wall from the car park)

traditional tap
the simple water tap which is made by just a rounded stone?

nature retreat
front view of the timber shed

nature retreat

nature retreat
it's great to have you along with us! :)

nature retreat

nature retreat

nature retreat

nature retreat
I'm like a bird version 2.0

nature retreat

nature retreat
scary and dark for jungle treking here.. 

nature retreat
the 4-feet swimming pool
nature retreat

indian rice dinner set
our dinner! considered a lavish one despite being in a jungle.. 

indian curry chicken
dry curry chicken

indian vege curry
dry vege curry

fried eggs

indian curry rice set
the RM20 is worth it cause it's a big portion and simply yummylicious!

watching Russell Peters before going out to the town

morning breakfast : mum's famous mihun siam - heated up by Chef Barry
dirty waterfall - nothing to shout about - forget about coming here!

OMG it's 3am!!! Sleeping time!!!