Sunday, December 2, 2012

November has been great and sweet!

Lots of love, lots of big big hearts, lots of pampering,
lots of surprise gifts, lots of chocolates, and lots of really good food (blogged)!!!

birthday at Sweet Chat
2nd Nov - Celebrating Yoges's birthday @ Sweet Chat, Setia City Mall

SP Setia staff happy
2nd Nov - Love this photo coz we're all lookin cute! ;)
Saw Yoges little cake?!! Hahahaaa... 

SP Setia Corporate Kebaya
3rd Nov - Setia Charity Dinner @ Setia Convention Centre.
Contributing our bits to help the less fortunate..

SP Setia Corporate Kebaya
Najwa, Nurul, Joyce, Rai and Aggie all lookin pretty with our corporate dinner attire

marathon Setia Alam
4th Nov - CICM Responsible Care Run 2012 at Setia Alam. Kai Lee completed
her 10km run while myself and Rai finished our 5km marathon.

celebrate birthday at Full House
9th Nov - Celebrating Rai's birthday at Full House, Setia City Mall

funny girls
Full House, Setia City Mall - Show time!

funny girls
Full House, Setia City Mall -  Gila-gila during lunch time.. 

12th Nov - Having my favourite mushroom soup with
garlic bread and my babychino with marshmellow.

Dome, Subang Parade - My yummychino... super minichino... yes it's Dome's babychino!!!

13th Nov - Meeting up all my abang-abang Azlan, Kayvin and Michael @ TGIF, One Utama.
Abang got little zombie 3 bars of Toblerone and Grandeur chocolates!  


** 18th November 2012 **

This post is specially dedicated to people around me.

The 100++ birthday wishes I received in Facebook.

The birthday calls and SMS-es.
I remembered these conventional telephone calls and messages are more back then.

But now it's all on Facebook. Haha!

Evn more...
People who takes the effort to organize a birthday party for me.
People who celebrates with me.
And also people who are far away, but send their love to me.
In form of balloons! 

I am grateful to the people whose love, care and kindness provided 
warmth to my heart,
and added meaning into my life.

I am truly blessed.

*thank you all*

18th Nov - woke up from my nap after Broga Hill, and find this on the dining table.
Mum plucked the bird of paradise just for me.. kesian... 

chinese birthday red egg
18th Nov - RULE OF THUMB FOR BIRTHDAY GIRL - must eat red egg!!!
...and angpao as blessing from daddy and mak-ee.

home cook seafood noodles
18th Nov - improvised from the traditional mee suah - I've got seafood
maggie mee instead, accompanied by mum's famous currypuffs

18th Nov - Pressie from Barry.. 

It was late afternoon when Barry asked me out for dinner.
Asked Vince and my parents too.
Told me that we're gonna have dinner at TGIF.
But what I didn't know is that he's gonna celebrate my birthday there,
with TGIF staffs making fun of me... ishhh!!!

birthday TGIF Setia City Mall
18th Nov - surprise birthday party at TGIF, Setia City Mall

birthday TGIF
 TGIF, Setia City Mall - Man behind the scene.
Thank you Barry for organizing  the birthday dinner

birthday TGIF
 TGIF, Setia City Mall - Cajun Fried Chicken Salad

TGIF Setia City Mall
 TGIF, Setia City Mall - Chicken & Shrimp Diablo

 TGIF, Setia City Mall
 TGIF, Setia City Mall - Sirloin Steak with Black pepper Sauce

 TGIF, Setia City Mall
 TGIF, Setia City Mall - Chop House Classics Lamb Chop

Birthday TGIF
 TGIF, Setia City Mall -  Birthday Girl was asked to perform :(

Birthday at TGIF
 TGIF, Setia City Mall - Sang "You Raised Me Up" as requested by mak-ee.
Luckily I'm sporting enough to play along... :P

Haagen Dazs Macadamia Nuts Ice Cream Cake

Mocha Mud Pie on the house! ....because my Haagen Dazs cake is too hard
and frozen to be cut. The Mocha Mud Pie is only available at Setia City Mall.

Chocolate almond mousse & coffee ice cream in a chocolate crumb crust.
Topped with hot fudge & toasted almond slices.

 TGIF, Setia City Mall - Contented to have all my loved ones on my birthday.
People who stood by me against all odds.. 

Million thanks for tonight, and every single day of my life knowing you..
All your love and care for me, there are no words that could describe how thankful I am.. 

The person who understand me most, and never failed to cheer me up
no matter what mood I am.. I'm soooo glad to have you in my life... 

Thank you mak-ee and daddy for bringing me into this beautiful world..
And your support in no matter what I do..
Sorry if I cause any disappointment and sadness..
And I apologize for worrying u both at certain down point of life..
I hope I've been a good daughter to both of you though..

** 19th November 2012 **

19th Nov - Celebrating birthday with colleagues - hey, where's the rest of the gals!!! 

Birthday celebration Sushi Tei Setia City Mall
19th Nov - Birthday lunch at my FAVORITE JAP OUTLET, Sushi Tei!!! 

19th Nov - Surprise delivery of balloons from purple hippo!!!
... it's my favourite MICKEY & MINNIE MOUSE!!!
This kind of friend.. mana dapat?!!

19th Nov - I love this colorful photo!

19th Nov - Stuffing the balloons in the car, transporting it back home.. 

** 27th November 2012 **

27th Nov - Surprise delivery!!! 10 stalks of yellow roses, which someone said that
the color yellow mean bright and sunny, so I just gotta cheer up a little!
With a smiley face balloon to motivate me to SMILE!!! :)

27th Nov - This is like the 10th chocolates I've gotten this month!!!
Ferrero Rocher and Lindt Swiss Thin.
Everybody is loading me with chocolates,
I don't know why but it may be for me to gain weight?!!!

27th Nov - Roses are beautiful, so is my life.... 


Last but not least, Barry has dedicated a song to me on my birthday!
A song that made this hambao cry over and over again listening to it..

My Wish For You by Rascal Flatts


So well, I'm officially 29 and I'm lovin each passing years!
... still goofing around and will always remain silly!!!

Life is beautiful if you say it is...
My life is great, cause people 
around me makes it so...

Thank you God for loving me.

I'm always thankful and grateful
for what you had given to me.

Lots of hugs and kisses to all my god-sent angels...


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