Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Some thoughts I have before heading to bed..

Always be grateful of what we have no matter what is it. Think of glass as half full instead of half empty and then learn to appreciate what is in the glass.

I looked into the mirror n found that I've aged. But still, I might look into the mirror 5 years later n would rather see what I see today.

So I told myself not to take advantage of what I have now.

~ My youth.. (30 still not that old lah).

~ My beauty.. Aiseh.. This apply for everyone k.. Everyone look their best when they are young! ....except for Sean Connery!

~ My health.. It may not always be in good condition but I'm walking, eating n sleeping well. This I will not take advantage or abuse coz we must know that no dream is possible without good health. Behind the struggle for abundance of wealth, a series of holiday plan, promises to care for your loved ones - all these needed good health to make it happen.

~ My parents and every single minute I have with them. It is true that the older we gets, the more we appreciate our parents. Nobody in this while world could love us as much as our parents do. Not even our bf, husband or children. They are getting older and the only thing they want from us is our time. I treasure them now more than ever!

~ My family. They are a must in my life. We are a full set of jigsaw puzzle. We may have our own shape n character, but when we are together, the world seems perfect! Few pieces of the puzzle have gone missing n there will be more missing pieces soon. Still I'm glad that they have migrated to Australia to lead a better life.

~ My friends. Although some may be a pain on my ass, some irritating, some sarcastic, some hated my guts, but they all loves me alot! These bunch of people is what keeping me sane. I treasure them as someone who still stick in my life now coz things may be different once they have family of their own.

~ My dumb luck that came rolling unexpectedly. Often as I may dwell about unpleasant incidents, I can't deny that God is looking after me.

~ My financial freedom. Free to spend n shop with and for my parents without need the think twice. Wait til I have my own family.. The only word coming out from my mouth will be "this month very tight ah".

With all these good thoughts in mind, I'm ready to go to bed in peace n serenity.


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