Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Do u have those days when you feel like your mind wanders around, you couldn't think straight and worse still, your body is so weak and strengthless.

The above situation is OKAY to happen when it's a weekend and you're resting at home. But if it happens when you're working, it's gonna make you miserable for not having the cooperation of your mind and body at work.

Can't believe still that it happens due to.. I believe... excessive exercise?

Few months back I've started exercising every week - at least twice a week in either badminton or gym. Aside from being an attempt to lose some weight, firm up muscle, I wanted this to be the first step to start investing on a healthy body.

Initially when I told my friends that I'm gonna do it for long term, I do get alot of negative response like "I'm gonna see how long it last".. "Hangat-hangat tahi ayam ah!"..  and some bad arse even said to me "I bet it not gonna last for a month!".

But guess what, it has been almost half a year!

Instead of my plan in shedding some weight, I actually gained 3kgs! Du-fuk?!!!!

On the brighter side, since all my clothing still fitted nicely, I guess it's the muscle weight? Trying to console myself that I've managed to tone up my body a little bit.

And after ever exercise session, when all the sweat came out like crazy, my body feel lighter and I'm emotionally and mentally happy for doing something good for myself. I felt.. generally... contented!!!

But when the next day comes, especially after badminton, I felt like my whole body is gonna wreck!

I'm feeling it now.. as if I've given all out yesterday with no single strain of energy left in my body to keep it functioning.

Oh damn I just feel so tired and all the energy drained out of me. It was worst last week after badminton!

I'm supposed to be used to it, but why can't I still get the stamina I need to keep going?

I need my dear consultant E.T right here right now!!!