Wednesday, June 27, 2012

 Wednesday stress buster !!!

funny pet
Now open up your eyes! SURPRISE!!! IT'S NOTHING!!!
funny pet
It's a little messy there. SLURPPPP... done!

scared cat
I think I got carried away.. sorry Tutu!
funny cat
..and I'm good at it!
cat tease
cat scared funny
Oh no not again! The monthly shower!!!!!
funny cat
Showing the Puss In Boots heart melting eye.. it works?
dog cute funny
I'm a gentleman!!!

funny cat box
U better remember who give u this punch! HUAK!!!

funny mad dog
Where did u hide my toy bone?? GGRRRRR....!!!!
funny pet
Oh plz don't go.. I beg u.. I'm gonna tail u...

funny dog
Holy Gramdma!!!
funny pet move it move it
The Madagascar behind scene..

The most funny photo of all! Look at that dog's face!!!

funny pet