Sunday, June 10, 2012

Buzz buzz buzzzzzz....

Sounded like this page is getting rusty eh!!!

The whole blogspot homepage has been revamped into something strange to me! Where's the new post button?!! Where's the link button?!!! DARN!!!

Oh gawd.. where was I for the past few months?!! Was so tied up to where life is taking me until I have forgotten the need to rant, share and voice out my excitement, sadness, sorrows, happiness blah blahhhh..

I should start back blogging coz that's the main purpose of creating an online diary at the very first place - to act as a reminder!

For the past few months, my loved ones surrounding me have been casually brought up things that have happened in the past and I was like "Ohh.. did I? Really? That happened?!! Sure??? I don't remember you brought me there....". When different people bring up different issues which I totally have NO IDEA about, it makes me feel like I have amnesia or something! I felt really bad to them coz it's as if it doesn't matter to me and that little piece of memory does not deserved to be parked into my mind! I really felt as if I have a memory of an 90 years old woman!!!

There is no vitamins or whatsoever that could improve my memory - I REALIZED THIS YEARS BACK AND THAT'S WHY I STARTED BLOGGING!!!

I seriously need to get back to this blogging business!

Today I vow to do it, tomorrow I'll start with my very first blog after so long k?

Stay tuned.... woo-hoooo!!!


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