Friday, June 15, 2012

Today, maybe I have a bad day that I'm unhappy with. Probably I would feel like the whole world is against me, blaming on bad luck, and probably accuse that God did not listen to my prayers.

But today, maybe it is a bad day for someone else too. Probably that someone was fired by his company after working there for 10years.

And today, maybe it is a worse day for another person. He may fell sick and ended up fainted somewhere which may left him at the hands of stangers which may be harmful or if he's lucky, helpful.

Or worst, somebody may lost someone dear to him and having to lead his life all by himself.

Bottom line is, whenever I have a problem now, I may want to think that maybe some else's problem is larger than my little peanut issue.

Oh well, MAYBE.

Cheers to a good weekend ahead!