Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I'm almost near to completing my wish list!!!

wishlist 2008 and wishlist 2011 I am really glad I have this motivation to keep me going!


Can't believe I've spend a total of RM700 for watches! TWO watch in the weekend?!! 

Now tell me that my BONIA watch is a true beauty of elegance! Well I did thought so.. that's what tempted me to buy it although it's freaking expensive! While the sporty pink Philippe Renault is on sale! Such a worthy purchase.

Room Enhancement - CHECKED!!!

 Gotten the mosquito net and blind from IKEA and voila.. my room is now a princess chamber!
I'm loving my room now and sleeping piggier than ever! (is there such word as "piggier"???)

Mum added some angel lights on the net and it looked PURRFECT!!!

This blind cost me RM200 each! And I bought two sets for both my window panels. IKEA is killing me with their ideas and prices!!!

I just love to improvise things! This was supposed to be a table lamp but I made it my glowing vase. Both lamp and flowers are from IKEA while the little bee is from my Star Cruises time where I'm literally called the Little Bee coz I was the youngest there. Ahh... memories~~~ 

And yes, it feels like home having my ABC in my room. Accompanied by my collection of mini soft drink bottle and cans from UAE and the Spartan statue from Athens.

It really does feel like home - and I feel great being my very own Interior Designer for my room! :P

New phone - CHECKED!!!

Finally gotten Samsung Galaxy S2 but regretted it a little bit coz it hangs on me very frequently! Not to mention it heated up very easily too! But it is a better choice compared to iPhone coz I always finds Apple product to be very "kiam siap" in terms of sharing / using certain apps. 

 What's missing now the the ASUS Transformer - which I doubt in getting one now as I'm too busy to get online nowadays!

And of coz.. getting a puppy is a tough one though! Will work on that...

Aside from getting what my heart desires, I felt the sense of accomplishment that I managed to get / do the things I want! At times I do feel guilty for spending money, and prolly appears irresponsible financially. But deep inside I know I can only do these while I'm still young. There will not be such financial freedom when I have bigger commitments in life.

Spending too much nowadays giving in to my needs. Time to ikat perut n save money! Gotta make sure that I have no more wishlist for the present moment...

Goodnight peeps... heading to my princess chamber.


Anonymous said...

nice watch of bonia...

i looking this design..

may i know, what is the price?

Joyce Yap said...

Hi there! The Bonia watch cost around RM600.. Didn't see it at the shop anymore.. :)