Saturday, November 12, 2011

It's Nov and it means bonus is coming soon!!! Prolly in another month or two but it's still not too early thinking about what I want yeah?

List from 5th to 1st priority...

#5. Watch

I love watches ever since I know how to read the time. I remember collecting so many watches last time. Either mum bought it for me from pasar pagi, pasar malam, supermarket etc.. and regardless of where it is from, or how much it cost, I still love it just the same.

Just gotten a new watch from Titus few months back, and yet still thinking of a new one. Greedy me.. What I'm looking for now is something more stylish and BIG! Well, not that big.. but at least it's bigger than the width of my wrist! I have too many lady-like watches already and wanted something different now..

But I gotta bear in mind that the watch is a WANT, not NEED. And since I have so many watches already, I might as well put this on hold.

Love the last watch in black. From Mont Blanc. Could never afford this. But no harm in dreaming high... :)

#4. Mobile phone

Ya ya ya... people that knows me would say "Hey you got 3 phones already! Not enough ah!!!".

Well let me explain, one is my personal phone, which is an old looking Sony Ericsson J105i. Another ancient Sony Ericsson W850i for office use, and another one is an iPod (with no call function at all)!

How I wish I could combine all 3 of that into a phone! Would be alot easier as I do not have to carry 3 gadgets with me all the time!

So... Could it be Samsung Galaxy S2??? Or an iPhone 4s?!!! Bet Siri would be a great PA for me!! Haha!!!

Well this is something in my list, but I haven't made up my mind about what I'll be getting..

#3. Room make-over with IKEA roller blinds and mosquito net

I've started the make-over one year ago. I have replaced all my furniture into a new ones. Just gotta tweak a little bit of here and there.

Wanted to buy roller blinds as I don't like glaring room. And I need my room to be completely dark when I'm sleeping. So this is more to a functionality than decorative item for me.

Saw the roller blinds at IKEA with choices of black, grey and white. I would prefer white ones. Looking at my 6 window panels, this could cost probably a few hundred!

Hope I could get it soon when the money goes "ching ching $$$$ " in my bank account! ;)

#2. ASUS Eee Pad Transformer 2

WOAAHHH!!! This is something I'm eyeing on now! How convenient it would be for me to online/check-in/blog etc if I have an Android that has the size of an iPad but with a detachable keyboard dock!! Both combined give a good serving battery time of 14 hours!!! Woah woah woahhhh!!!!

But woopss... Currently it has not been launched in Malaysia. And no one have ever confirmed if the ASUS Transformer 2 have a 3G version with it. I'm actually thinking of getting a data plan so that I don't have to rely on wi-fi connection wherever I go. Wifi in Malaysia is not as easily accessible as other country.

I really hope to get this soon! ;)

#1. Puppy

Woof woof!!! Something I haven't been able to get since I was young. Still top priority though!!!

Looking for a red toy poodle now. One that is few weeks old so that she is young enough to be toilet and home trained. and I also wanted her to get used to me as her mummy since she's a baby.

Few weeks ago I saw a kid play tent in Carrefour. The tent looked so cozy and cute! I almost buy it there to motivate myself into getting a puppy to live in it.

Ahhhh... how sweet if this could ever happen. feels like having a puppy now would actually complete me as a person.. Deep inside me, I'm so hollow, empty and lonely! (Trying to be pathetic to gain some sympathy from mum).

Looking into my wish list few years back, it seemed like I'm still looking for the same thing. Always puppy, watch and gadgets! Never about luxury bags or branded clothing / shoes etc.. Had just realized I've got more tomboyish traits than feminine one! *swt*