Monday, November 21, 2011

Got bitten by a mad dog! Freaking siao kao! Anjing gilerrrr!!! $/)/@::!!!!! .... Just calling her that coz I'm mad of her.

It was actually Kenny's pet dog (a mixed schnauzer) who gave me that love bite.

I was petting her head with her standing on her feet. Then out of a sudden she just bite my thigh and ran directly to her cage! I grabbed a rattan and hit her twice on her butt! Gave her hell of a scolding too!

Guess she has too much unused energy in her! Gotta get Barry to walk her more often to loose some of that energy, or give her some toy / bone to bite instead of biting people!

Well this experience will not make me afraid or change my mind about having a pet dog. It will just make me more interested to know more about dogs and their behavior.

But I'm definitely not going to get near this stupid dog anymore! Look at what she got me into. Bad looking thigh and gotta take two big strips of antibiotic from a pharmacy! Am lucky the bite wasn't deep and there wasn't any infection (I guess so).


Anonymous said...

why on earth she bite you for? hmm seldom see her so aggressive....

kenny mom didnt wack her?

Joyce Yap said...

Don't know why.. out os a sudden bite me when I pat her head while she was standing, leaning on my leg..

Yea Kenny mum whack her few days after coz I sked to go their house after kena bite..