Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Was flipping thru my wardrobe yesterday and found a dress which I have never wore before.

It is a simple and short casual dress bought by a classmate as Xmas pressie few years back.

I tried on it yesterday and found that it is too short and too sexy for me, so decided to transform the dress into a blouse!

I took another blouse to measure how much i need to cut. Drew a line with pen and ruler. Then SNIP SNIP and there goes my dress.

Took me THREE damn hours to do running stitches while watching my favorite Hokkien movie. Took so long because the material is too soft and it causes a great deal of pain on my left hand to fold and to hold it tightly while my right hand sewing on it. Stopped a few times to rest my hand (the cloth is really soft okay....). Nevertheless i was patiently sewing as I want to see how the outcome is like. Finally done at 10.45pm and VOILA!!! My blouse looked great!!!

Anxiously tried on it and immediately felt so disappointed! Spent so much time and effort and yet it is still TOO LONG!!!

Wat da hell....

And no... I will NOT spend 3 more hours to make the blouse shorter! Learnt my lesson. Be more careful in the measurement phase!

....and if you are wondering, I will be sending my blouse to the tailor this time.

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