Friday, November 11, 2011

While some are celebrating the most remarkable date in the century with birthdays, proposals, weddings, etc.. I was awaken by a bad dream!

Okay back to 11.11.11, do you know that there are more than 1,000 people in Malaysia getting married today?!! I was wondering if wedding proposals today is going to be like.. so predictable.

But it's a good day to remember though. No excuse for guys to say "I don't remember our anniversary lah!".


And now back to my shitty dream. I dreamt about going to Eunice house with ET. She has got TWO HUGE dogs in her house.

One of it is a big black Doberman. He looked so fierce and being tied up upstairs. I was wondering if the string is able to hold such a big dog! Then Eunice and ET went out, leaving me alone with the dogs.

The Doberman then suddenly rush down and the string snaps just like that! This Doberman has got a pair of big black wings (you have to understand that dream doesn't make any sense), and at the end of the wings, it has sharp pointy nails! The Doberman stares at me fiercely, and while I'm getting more and more scared of it, he suddenly pierce through my hand with its' sharp nails! That was when I shouted "HELP!" and woke up from my dream.

I told mum about my dream this morning and she said "Ya I heard you shouting. That was already 5.00am++".

I didn't know that it was that loud! Mum could hear me from the living hall. Guess I must have been terribly scared!


Two nights ago I had another nightmare. I passed by an abandoned building and saw a lady sitting on top of the building, holding a glass of wine and singing.

Looking closely, that lady doesn't have skin like ordinary person. Instead, her skin is actually "tree skin!". She is wearing a yellow dress, with her hair tied up like "sanggul". She sat with one of her legs up. Thinking about it, she looked like some Nyonya ghost. Yeeee.... She continued singing and it is so creepy!

I asked if my friend heard the singing. She said she heard nothing. I asked the local people and they said they didn't hear anything.

Then there's this fat guy (look like the fat Malay guy in Nasi Lemak 2.0 who have 4 wives). This guy showed me a worried face when I told him I saw a lady singing. He said "Last month there's a guy who heard the singing and she drag him away".

Then he said "Buaya sudah datang!" and asked me to lay down and hold him tightly. He asked me to continue laying down and not concentrate in the singing as she's coming for me.

One hand holding on a rattan (pops up from nowhere), another hand holding on the guy, I face down, lay still, eyes closed, and shivering. Then I felt like the rattan is slowly moved and being taken away from me.... then my hand is being moved away from the guy although I was holding on him tightly. It means I'm holding NOTHING and vulnerable to the ghost!

I have to wake up and I DID!!! I woke up immediately from that bad dream and I realized I'm catching my breath and I could actually hear my heart pounding!!!

And out of super imagination or maybe I haven't really wake up, I overheard the lady telling me "I'm gonna get you someday.....".


Oh gawd.. these nights hasn't been kind to me.

Since 11.11.11 sounded like a good date and will not arrive for the next.... uhm... 900 years, guess I should celebrate something.. or anything....

Drink till I'm drunk and hopefully NO MORE FRIGGIN NIGHTMARES! ;)