Sunday, November 6, 2011

Finally found the mood to blog about my Vietnam trip **at last** Thanks to the holiday that I feel more relaxed to do some typing :)

After 3hours and 30mins flight from LCCT, KL to Hanoi Airport, we were being picked up by the local tour agent. Our tour guide is kinda 'leng chai', but from the way he walk, speak and react, I think he's a gay! :P

Self-explanatory photos below..

The Ba Ding Square, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum & Residence, and One Pillar Pagoda has alot of historical bits to offer. But for a flunk History student like me, I would say the visit is pretty boring! Hmmmm... One thing I get to know is that President Ho Chi Minh is one very humble person as he gave up living in a luxury residence and requested for a wooden hut to be built for him instead. Well either he's a humble person or the history portray him so.. :)

Went for buffet lunch then. Varieties aspect it was superb. But as a foreign person to their food, we don't really know which to pick. Saw alot of greenish stuff called vegetables, and are mostly raw.

I love noodle soup where I get to pick mushrooms, vegetables and bean curd. And not forgetting the steam prawns which are the hottest pick in the buffet line!

Vietnam is also popular for their spring rolls. These spring rolls comes with choice of chicken or beef. The meat slices are wrapped with mint leaves and then rolled with a thin spring roll skin. You may eat it with or without the sauce. It is one of the most delicious spring roll I have tasted! I just love mint leaves (pudina). And as for me, the WINNING dish in the entire lunch was the GRILLED PRAWNS!!! I think I had 4 or 5 of it although my stomach was at the extend of breaking.

Overall ambiance are nice, and look at the varieties of desserts and cakes! I didn't have any of it coz I was too full then.

Took a 4 hours ride on the most scary road in the world! It is actually their way of driving. I don't really know how to describe it, but just to say that I WAS SHOUTING IN THE VAN!!!

Journey from Hanoi to Halong Bay took us 4 damn hours and we had a break at one of the limestone factory. Look at me posing around with the lovely statues.

Finally arrived at Halong Bay and we had a 9-course meal in one of the seafood restaurant. The meal compromises of a seafood soup, fried spring rolls, two different vegetables, pork, fish, squids, prawns, flower crab... all for a group of FOUR! Surprisingly we get to finish all of it!

And what makes us misses Halong Bay till today is the Vietnam drip coffee served! It cost 20,000 Dong per cup (once finish dripping there is only 1/4 cup). Everyone would need to be a millionaire there to drink a cup of coffee! It was indeed the most unforgettable taste of caffeine I ever had!!! Thick and oh so satisfying....

We then spent the rest of the night at Halong Bay night market and drink drank drunk in the hotel room! We skipped the drunk part as we are all good drinkers!!! (obviously lying but we really did not get drunk.... )

That's all for Day 1!!! :)