Friday, December 7, 2012

I saw ET photos in FB about dune bashing.
I miss Dubai!

I saw Elaine's photo of apple strudel and her check in at Fremantle.
I miss the apple strudel at one of the famous bakery in Perth city,
I miss the most yummylicious ramen I had, that was at Fremantle market.
I miss Perth!
I miss Sydney!
I miss Brisbane!
I miss the Gold Coast!
I miss Australia!

I seriously miss having holidays!

I did not manage to get out from Malaysia for holiday this year.

Sob sob... :'(

Am missing Bali already..

What's left are memories from our holiday to Bali in 2010..

I miss watching sun set at the beach..

I miss the sight of beautiful frangipani wherever I go...
U see Bali, u see frangipani.. :)

tourist attraction at Bali
I miss the amazing Tanah Lot..

tourist attraction at Bali
I miss the Uluwatu Temple..

I miss having holidays with my closest friends..
(Isaac, Alicia, Barry and Teck Sheng)

I miss friends who meet us up for holiday!.. Bali pulak tu!

The last I went for holiday with Bernard and Teck Sheng was at Bangkok in year 2008.
So it meant alot to me that we had the chance to get together on my birthday in Bali.

I miss Eat. Pray. Love @ Bali

I miss Eat. Pray. Love @ Bali

I miss the breezy weather on top of the mountain overlooking view of a volcano!

I miss the mischievous monkeys aka bunch of thieves!!! :S

I miss the people at Bali.. 

I miss the food... and this is the best pork ribs we ever had!

I miss the crispy duck!

I miss the ayam betutu! matter how ugly the owner may look like!
I miss babi guling... WAIT A MINUTE... WE DID NOT TRY THAT!!!
We were shocked seeing this and back out from trying out the most
popular food in Bali!

I miss Bintang.. the cheap Bali beer! Haha!
I miss dining beside the paddy field..

I miss chilling out, drinking, singing and dancing at Hard Rock Bali...

I miss the quality time with my buddies over a couple of beer..

I miss celebrating my birthday overseas...

pool dipping in Bali
I miss enjoying tequila pop beside the pool and
ended up drunk on my birthday!

I miss the body massages at Bali.

I miss shopping at Bali.

I miss our handsome tour lead Agung.

And I miss being such a big lamp post in someone's honeymoon!
It has been two years and Alicia is due to deliver in 4 months time! ;)
My role as godmother is up soon!!!

When will my next holiday be?!!