Monday, December 17, 2012

Setia Blockbuster 16 December 2012

This is my THIRD Annual Dinner with SP Setia.
And undoubtedly it was an incredible one!
...just like previous years

The theme this year is Setia Blockbuster.

 And Setia Eco Park chose Star Wars as our Blockbuster character.
We were given Princess Leia's long shirt and was told to dress up like her.
Men were given a full Darth Vader attire, including the super cool mask!
Some of our big shots were given special costumes such as Darth Maul and Queen Amidala. 

Other Business Units uses costumes inspires from Phanton of Opera, Bollywood,
Zombies, Superman, Alice in Wonderland and many more famous movies!

We hold the Annual Dinner at our very own venue this year,
our Setia City Convention Hall! 

But due to the limited space, we did not get to bring any partner this year.

Took alot of cool photos from the event and decided to photo-blog again!

Am trying out new online photo editor on the photos. offers alot of effects and frames.
I would recommend it as a good and user-friendly photo editor!

I did not do my own make up this year.
Trying out Ying Nail and Make Up House.

I feel that Ying did a great job on me.
Am happy with how I look.

Hairdo as usual, was done by Nico.
Showed her photo of Princess Leia and she did this for me.

The usual Princess Leia would have both the
side buns a little lower and closing the ears.
But that's kinda ugly and old-fashioned.
So Nico make a modern version of Princess Leia hair for me.
Tie two ponytail and do it into plaits before tie it round on both the sides.

how to look like Princess Leia Star Wars

Now tell me I do look like Princess Leia!
...prolly in her teens?

how to look like Princess Leia Star Wars

Darth Maul custome
The assassin... The Dark Darth Maul... 

Queen Amidala custome
Queen Amidala

Darth Vader custome
"I'm your father....." 

Bang Suhaimi is the Darth Vader!!!

....Azman too! Darth Vader with Princess Moon :)

Iron Man custome
Guess who I bumped into on the way out?!!!
Iron Man!!! Hell yeah!!! 

Psy Gangnam custome
Doing the Gangnam Style with our very own Setia Psy!

Psy Gangnam costume
Jack as Psy... he really did look like Psy huh?!!

Elvis Presley custome
Our handsome Rahman as Elvis... 

Ian as old-skol teen in his performance for 3 + 1 Sekawan... 

female Charlie Chaplin custome
Yoges buddy as female Charlie Chaplin! 

asian Madonna custome
Stunning Yu Li as Madonna! 

With our Eco Park colleagues

Superman custome
Superman flew all the way from Johor! Anybody needs a ride back home?

Tan Sri Liew Kee Sin and staff
With our much respected and adored Tan Sri Dato Sri Liew Kee Sin.
We love you Tan Sri!!! 

With Mr. Koe, CEO for Setia Eco Park. Thank you for nourishing us into a better person Mr. Koe.

Joyce Yap joycelifebits

Princess Leia and Queen Amidala custome

Joyce Yap joycelifebits

Joyce Yap joycelifebits
Cheers Kai Li! 

Joyce Yap joycelifebits
My mentor since IOI, till SP Setia. She's like a big sister to me.  Thanks Moon!

Joyce Yap joycelifebits
Beautiful Raihanah, new addition to our department. Welcome buddy! ;)

Joyce Yap joycelifebits
How can Lexie be left out from taking photos with glamorous Princess Leia? Haa!


And just for fun.... 
(doing the Russell Peters about God putting the hairiest people on the hottest place on earth)
I'm gonna post some photos of previous years annual dinner... 

SP Setia Annual Dinner 2011 - "Viva La Setia"

Joyce Yap joycelifebits
My date for the night - Mr. Vince Yeoh!

Joyce Yap joycelifebits
Agnes our little Garden Fairy

Joyce Yap joycelifebits
These are my occasional lunch mate, and travel buddies!

Joyce Yap joycelifebits


SP Setia Annual Dinner 2010 - Setia Oceanique Nite

The most fun Annual Dinner as I participated in Dance Competition that year.
We were on a hardcore training for a few months,
gave it all, but didn't win.
It's doesn't really matter, coz WE  HAD FUN!!! Wooooott!!!

Didn't know it was on YouTube till I blog about this now.

My very first date to Dinner & Dance - Mr. SJ Tan!
I brought him along knowing that he's gonna be thrilled to meet
all his ex-IOI colleagues who are now working at SP Setia.

You gotta admit that not many companies out there that is
looking after the welfare of their staffs.

SP Setia is generous not only in organizing such a 
huge event for us, spreading a good dinner, giving away lavish lucky draw prizes,
but also giving a half day off the next day in order for their staffs to enjoy the night thoroughly!

Am very proud to say that I'm associated with SP Setia.