Tuesday, December 4, 2012

We have heard people saying "I'm waiting for my Mr. Right..."

Has anyone ever wondered why is it that we call them Mr. Right and not Mr. Perfect?

Coz nobody is perfect in this world, this includes you, and me.

Saw online that some have a long list on what they want from their Mr. Perfect.

"good looking, have a great sense of humor, be social, really smart, very successful, sensitive yet strong, emotionally available and stable, thoughtful, sexy, sweet"

Imagine your bf / gf expecting the same from you.

Wow.. stressful isn't it?

My sincere opinion is that the above criterias are bullshit!

It doesn't require someone to try really hard / or to be the perfect one,
coz if they are the right one, things will fall into place for each other.. naturally n perfectly.

A guy who might be the Mr. Perfect for everyone else,
may not be Mr. Right for me.

To my Mr. Right, who is nothing but PERFECT to me,  
I can't wait to meet you, coz we're so gonna...

 love each other
 care for each other
 feel happy being with each other
make each other smile
make each other laugh
 love spending time with each other
 share common interest
have great fun doing things together
give meaning and add value to each other life
be the best person to talk to about problems in life
 share ideas / feelings openly
be a good person to each other
make each other a better person
treat each other family like our own
NEVER EVER HURT each other
be generous, honest, trustworthy
be committed into a long-lasting relationship with each other

last but not least,
we will grow old gracefully together... :)


This post initiated from watching lovey dovey Azlan and Dian yesterday.

Feel happy for them, and their struggle through hardship
in their 10 over years of courtship before getting married this year.

Thank you for being such a good role model and
restore my faith in love.. and in men.

Azlan and Dian Chong
 Happy for both of you, and congratulations once again!!!


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Love may be like this giant glass of margarita..
It may be sweet..
It may be sour..
It may even be bitter..
I might like it..
I might not..
But I'll dive in anyway..
Coz I will not be afraid of what I'll find..
That dive worth the risk..
Coz there are chances that I may end up drunkenly in love.. :)

Cheers to LOVE!