Thursday, December 13, 2012

My mind was floating the entire day at work.

And I was thankful that I arrived at the office in one piece as
I was trying hard to keep my eyes open while driving.
I kinda ignored the small print 'DROWSY' on the cough medicine
and had it at home before heading to work.

I've been down with sore throat and cough for the fifth day now.
I had Lexie to 'lay lay' with me for the past two days of resting at home.
She's such a darling.

Lexie and Queen Queen (Kenny's schnauzer - the one that bit me)

Recently I've been seeing Barry everyday after he off work!
We'll go shopping.. Grab some groceries..
Do our Christmas shopping.. Take photos of food... people... us...
I'll be telling him what I feel like eating, and he'll bring me around to satisfy my cravings..
And if i'm not fit to go out, he'll deliver it to my doorstep.
Is he coming tonight?!! Hehehe...

Was craving for Big Breakfast at Marmalade Bangsar, but it's too far.
Dome @ Subang Parade

Angel invited me for Kenny's birthday dinner.
Such warm and wonderful Yap family.. :)

Kenny's Birthday Dinner @ Grand Imperial Restaurant

Kenny's Birthday Dinner @ Grand Imperial Restaurant

I love Christmas!!!! I really really doooo!!!
Christmas shopping @ Paradigm Mall

Hey I found your nut!!!
Meeting the Ice Age @ Paradigm Mall

It's freezing cold... NOT!
Uniqlo @ Paradigm Mall

And yay! Vince is coming back from Seoul tomorrow!
I miss him.. *blush*
....wondering what pressies he gotten me?!
He said he got me two.... two....
(obviously he's using Russell Peters indian accent in this!)

Vince went to Korea and this is the only photo he Whatsapp me! Not fair!!! :(

There's alot of good movies in the cinema recently.
Didn't get to watch all of it.
Always missed the showtime and ended up watching cartoon.

Wreck It Ralph was unexpectedly good!
Beginning, climax, ending = it all blended well.
I guess Rachel, Fei darl and I enjoyed it.
Vince fell asleep.
SWT  >.<"'

It's Alicia's birthday today!
Sent her a photo of me wearing a party hat, just for her..
Wanted so much to celebrate this special day with Alicia..
But it's not advisable to get near to her now when I'm down with flu.

Looking pale and squatting beside the photocopier is
definitely not gonna bring up the color in me.
Gotta admit that this is one unattractive e-bday card!

Nevertheless... happy birthday my dearieee~~~
(I've SMS-ed her, Whatsapp her, posted birthday wish on her FB wall,
and now in my blog.. lemme think, what else....)