Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Who would have thought that a lady like me 
would love listening to Kenny Roger's songs...

Kenny Rogers is 74 years old now..
He started singing in the mid 1950s..
And have written and sang the most wonderful love song ever!!!

I grew up listening to Lady, 
You Decorated My Life, 
She Believes In Me 
Through The Years..
.. just to name a few.

Never in my life I would imagine that Kenny Rogers 
will have a concert here in Malaysia.

It's like.. him? A legend?
.. to sing here in Malaysia? 

Nah.. will never happen..

Surprisingly, he is going to! 
Yes here in Malaysia!

But to my dismay, I could not make it to see him 
on the 23rd October 2012 at the Arena Of Stars @ Genting Highlands. 

The tickets ranges from RM100 to RM480. 

At this point of time, I believe the only tickets available are ones above RM380. 

Kenny Rogers - She Believes In Me (1978)

Kenny Rogers - You Decorated My Life (1979)

Kenny Rogers - Lady (1980)

This song was written and produced by Lionel Richie (one of my favorite singer)

Kenny Rogers - Through The Years (1982)

Mr. Kenny Rogers, I may not see you performing..
But I truly love all your songs..

Right now, just seeing your video from your previous performance 
on You Decorated My Life makes me smile with joy..

I couldn't imagine what would I feel 
if I get to see you performing infront of my very eyes..
My eyes would be teary in the whole two hours concert.. 

And I may just be the youngest audience in your concert!!! Heheheee...

Your voice is soothing, and your song.. it feed my soul... 

Thank you... and thank God for Kenny Rogers!!! :)