Monday, October 8, 2012

there's so much to talk about the weekends!

but i'm too occupied to blog about places n food

so i'm just gonna post about my fav ppl in this world!

okay okay these guys may not be my fav of all 
(hahaha.. especially gavin coz he is a big bully!)
 but these guys are those that i can be myself with..

they accept the simple, silly, and crazy me!

and i know barry n vince will always layan my emotional breakdown and constant ranting

you guys may be a pain in the ass at times, but i know i can count on u and trust that u guys will never ignore or leave me when i'm being a pain in your arses too!

u guys are god sent treasures.. 

joyce buddy
gavin, vince n barry

real treasures that i cherish.. n always wil

these are the ji muis.. we're counting years!

joyce ji mui
from top left kenix, alicia, maggie, myself
top bottom left angela, little isabelle, angie and jennifer

u may noticed my new hair do.. 

did it at Nico's yday

but i ruin it by going to the pool today!

wasn't supposed to get my hair wet for the next few days 

and i did.. my bad my bad

going back to Nico next week.. and she had given me hell of a scolding on the phone.. aiks!

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