Thursday, October 4, 2012

* hands closing face *

filled with embarassment

i seriously think FB is getting more sucky

facebook sucks

u know when there are times where u just view people's profile on your mobile

and that someone is not under your friend list

then browsing using android is difficult

coz since every single "touch" on the screen is so sensitive

and u don't even notice that you pressed something you are not supposed to?

like the  ADD FRIEND  button????

and it came so shocking to you when someone told you "Hey... why did you add that person?!!"

then you have to feel so "sorry" and quickly  UNFRIEND  them..

and today I feel even more embarrassed

coz I didn't noticed that I've accidentally pressed the 'Add Friend' button

on someone that I don't have intention to befriend with..

And the worse part is that I don't know how long ago was it

and went to view that person's profile again after so long

just to notice something


Me : WHAT!!!!!!!!

quickly look for  CANCEL FRIEND REQUEST 

and the most embarrassing thing is that

God knows how long the request was there

but it has never been approved

kinda bring down my self esteem

It's like those small little kid telling their mum with their sad face "Mummy.. why Alice dowan to friend me"

But aside from my low self esteem

My case is different

Coz I have no intention to be friend or whatsoever!

I hope that person don't perasan that I wanted to be friend

or that I still cares..

it's just a habit I need to get rid of..

*ah shit... malunya!!!*

.... still can't believe this is happening... no face ahhh!!!

and it happened for a few times!

What Facebook can do is to ask for confirmation when someone click on the Add Friend button

- still in the office...  time to wrap things up and call it a day -