Monday, October 15, 2012

I never learn!

Knowing that I overspent this month, I opted for uncontrollable shopping spree again!

Spend 5 hours at Sunway Pyramid with mum and ee poh.

Seemed like everything I put on today fitted on me nicely. Then mum n ee poh just kept asking me to "buy laahh... Buy laahhh...". So I guess we should listen to the elderly, and I couldn't find any reason not buying it! Muahahahaaa...

So what's in my shopping bag???

Me... Never get enough of shoes.

Bought 4 more pairs this time around. Had gotten myself 3 pairs last month. I really should get myself a proper shoe rack to keep track of the shoes I have! With ref n tagging n everything?

I've also bought 5 dresses, a shirt n 3 belts! All my belts are too loose for me n I got rid of em.

Spent wayyyy too muuuchhhh today.

This month really shop till I drop. Not drop dead, just drop fainted when I get my credit card statement...

Somebody pls get hold on my credit cards will ya...???

Some photos from the weekend..

Joyce Yap family
Brought ee poh to a nice temple at Klang where we prayed for health n happiness for our family.

funny spectacles
Goofing around with funny looking toy spec. They seemed to be amused by it!

Ahh.. Wasted! This should be a very happy shot if the photo is not blurry!

funny spectacles
The geeky me n Domo!

Really tired de lohhh.. Spend money, time n energy..

Joyce Yap, u should behave!!! :P


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