Thursday, October 11, 2012

My blog's pageview has increased dramatically for the past month.

An extra 3,473 pageviews for the past 1 month!!!

And an average of 250 pageviews per day for the past 10 days!!!

This was supposed to be a private blog for myself, and few of my closest friends???

Went to check on what has contributed to the sudden change, and found that my post "More Gangnam Style?!!" featured in Google image search whenever there's an entry on "no gangnam style signage" or something similar..

Can't believe Gangnam is THAT popular...


Anonymous said...

ppl like to keh poh about u ? hehehe so start making money from blogging oredi?

Joyce Yap said...

haha I wish but too bad my blog isn't popular except for that Gangnam post!

yeah somehow I saw some ppl kepoh about me, searching my full name on Google search just to look for me.. hmmm..