Sunday, September 16, 2012

Opp opp opp oppa gangnam style!

This video has gone viral since it's release in July 2012... and till date, the video in Youtube has reached a view count of 13,157,173 views!!!

So it's either you love it, or you hate it...

Ever since the release, many had tried the horse-riding dance.. and there came creative people who wanted to do their own horse-riding style... who then invented and published their videos in Youtube such as Orang Sabah style... Penang Hokkien style... Kl style... and the list goes on...

And yes my hometown had just produced our very own Pa Sang Style!

(these are ones from Malaysia... what about the rest of the world? There may be hundreds of Gangnam parody all over the world!!!... I'm kinda out of breath saying this.... )
Even Britney Spears learnt that dance from Psy personally at The Ellen DeGeneres show!!!

Did you just followed them learning the steps??? ....cause I did! :P

The Gangnam Style frenzyyyy...

McShaker at Malaysia!

First, pour the powder into the bag..
Second, shake shake and do the Gangnam Style for the powder to be evenly distributed to the fries..
Thirdly.. ENJOY your Gangnam Style McShaker!

no gangnam style

Psy Cappuccino anyone???

no gangnam style

Gangnam Psy bento! ...with two horses made of sausages..
no psy gangnam style

Nail art inspired by Psy Gangnam Style!!! ARGGGHHH....

no gangnam style

And now Psy likes to eat Roti Boy?!!
Why not do a Roti Boy video ad with that little bakery man doing the horse riding dance??!!! 

no gangnam style

As for me.. when I'm the office, I just go... "Hey~~ sexy lady~~~" for no reason... Cause that freaking song is playing in my mind!!!

And I guess after hearing it for months... everyone started to get sick of it... :P
This is a So Sick of Gangnam Style video by Red FM.

This NO GANGNAM STYLE signage should be everywhere... yeah... everywhere!!!

no gangnam style psy signage

no gangnam style signage
No Gangnam style sign all around.. :P

Although some may be sick of it, unfortunately, the fever of Gangnam style has not, and will not subdue that fast!!!

Did I mention that Vince had just danced the Gangnam for Staff Day Competition today??!!! And he WON FIRST PRIZE for that dance!!!

And one of my bestie who is a dance choreographer is arranging for a flash mob in a mall, and I'm expected to join her for the Gangnam style dance too!!! 

Long live Gangnam Style!!!

SWT.... -.-"'