Thursday, September 20, 2012

Was asked again to join the Setia Eco Park guys for SSRC paintball tournament this year. 

paintball helmet

paintball splat helmet

The fun, the thrill and the pain, who can resist? 
Seeing the above photos is making me 'kan cheong' ady.. 
Let alone playing it on the field!

Stupid Nicky shot me twice last year on the side unprotected by the vest.
And after he shot me, he bragged about it for a little while.
Saying the shot was CLASSIC!!! (he's so dead I'm telling you)

And for my so-called revenge,
he has offered me to shoot him back twice WITH the vest on!

How unfair is that huh?!!!! 

With the coming weekends so occupied, 
I do not have the time to join the guys for the practice sessions!!!  

baby funny photo

Arggghhh... am feeling so scared now. 

I wish I have more time to go for a few games before the tournament.
Which I obviously don't!!!!

Panic button triggered!!!