Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Toldcha it's not the end of Gangnam Style.
Even Klang (Pa Sang) has come out with our own  Hokkien Pa Sang style too!

Featuring Siong Huat Bak Kut Teh at Port Klang
(used to be called "ta su sia" meaning under the big tree bak kut teh,
... but I find this place over rated)

Boston famous steam lala.. 
(5mins from my house but I've not been there for so long due to the waiting hours)

Port Klang seafood.. ( I can recommend better ones.. :P )

...and yeah Klang has got alot of tuition centre!

Not bad for production from our fellow Klang people.. ;)


On another note about Klang,
aside from being famous for bak kut teh,
we're famous of snatch theft cases too!

Of coz they cannot mention this in the video.. haaa!

Saw a post about Centro today..
I'm now thinking twice about going there to makan-makan ady...

Read up...

To all people out there especially girl pls be careful when driving. 
I know all of you heard this advices before but still i want to remind you again. 
If anyone knock your car from behind nvr ever rush down to view the condition. 
This happen to my close friend this morning at Centro, Klang basement carpark
While she on de way driving out from carpark 
suddenly 1 Indian motorcycle purposely knock behind her car. 
Instant reflect she rush down from the car to see what happen. 
The indian guy grab my friend and attempt to drag her to behind the car 
but my friend try to push off the guy and manage to escape and run back to the car. 
Then another Indian guy came so sudden out from no where 
and drag her down and bang her head to the wall. 
That Indian guy try to rob her car and her belonging. 
Thank God she manage to push of 1 of them and grab back the car and drive off. 
The worst thing is even my friend shouting for help and the 
security guard can't do nothing but standing there and watched
I wonder the management of Centro duno pay the security fees for what purpose. 
Luckily she could get away from this situation, 
if not the worst thing may happen to her as well.
So guys out there be careful nowadays k!!! God Bless!!

Feel relieved that Sunny insisted in escorting me back home after badminton today.
Thanks Sunny boy!