Sunday, September 23, 2012

Where to start.. lemme see..

Had breakie with Yee Leng.. 
Breakie that lasted 4 hours, till lunch time!
We had so much to talk about that we don't really want to leave..
And she's such a joker!

Came back home and decided to try on my new eyeliner for cat eyes.
Tried on only my left eyes.. 
Quite a success for first timer.

But I think I need to tweak the end just a little bit..
Need more curve for the cat eyes effect.

Used the same cat eyes make up for Lip Joo and Pui San's wedding dinner.

Here's some photos of the CAT EYES and RED LIPSTICK..

Has got the wild, sexy, "garang" and kinda b*tchy look!
Gosh couldn't believe I've just used that word on myself!!!


 But hey, I don't really like this look.. haha!
Doesn't suit my personality... 

Went for a simple hair-do but the hairdresser said she wanted to do something else for me.

Joyce elegant hair do


Joyce elegant hair do

This is more like me. 
Elegance.. lurve it! ;)

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#hair do by Nico @ Eng Ann, Klang#

#make up by yours #


I'd love to end this post with an advice from Michael..
He has always encourage me to be a better person.

"To be strong is not a tough job really 
but sustaining it requires a highly focussed combination of 
EQ management + self determination + wisdom, 
and I trust you've all these abilities now! 
you've finally overcome the hurdle, 
deal with it without fear even more 
has to come in near future... 
you'll be fine, I'm sure you'll.."

... it's late so goodnight ualls!