Saturday, September 15, 2012

Our CEO @ EcoPark was pleased with our sales performance during Eco Glades launching at Cyberview Lodge Resort Hotel last month, and had promised to reward us with a yummylicious lobster dinner!

This is my very first time having a lobster and what could be better than getting the Lobsterman to take my "first time" experience! Lobsterman is famous for serving Homarus Americanus - American lobster!

I believe our dinner menu was from a special package of RM128 per/pax. It was a very worthy and satisfying package I would say! Look at what we had...

The Cutlery:-

I was so fascinated by the "tou tou cha cha" displayed on our tables. Seriously? All these just for a lobster?!! So many parts to korek meh???

The Lobsterman SS2 cutleries
The cutleries @ The Lobsterman

The Starter :-

New Zealand Baked Mussels. We took the Mornay style of cooking which is baked with cheese and creamy white wine sauce. I don't usually take mussels but these are too good to be missed!

new zealand cheese baked mussels

The Soup Pot:-

Creamy Clam Chowder with onions and potatoes which is thick and flavourful.

clam chowder

The Lobster:-

We were pampered with one lobster each! And we get to choose from SIX different style of cooking. Although there are more choices offered at the Lobsterman, but these six styles are already making us scratching our heads.
  1. Char-Broiled (North America)- Char-broiling or grilling is just as great to savor the North's way of serving lobsters.
  2. Shelter's Garlic Lobster (Hong Kong)- Crispy lobster meat mixed with finely chopped garlic and chili. 
  3. Simmered (North America)- We simmer the whole lobster with Superior Stock for a truly traditional authentic taste
  4. Tarragon Butter Baked (France) - Tantalize your taste buds with this baked sensation with home made butter for a French Connection! 
  5. Stuffed Lobster (USA) - Succulent lobster meat sauteed with mushrooms and white cream, then baked before serving.
  6. Local Delicacy (Malaysia) - Stir-fried with  XO sauce

Myself and Koh are in dilemma of choosing between #1 and #5. So we decided to take different ones so that we could try both! He had the grilled lobster and I took the cheese baked lobster. I wish it was the opposite though... :P

cheese lobster
"yay! my first lobster and it's HUGE!!!"
cheese baked lobster
The cheese & mushroom baked lobster
grilled lobster
The old fashioned grilled lobster
simmer steamed lobster
The simmer / steamed lobster

After trying both, I'd recommend the grilled lobster as it manage to retain the lobster taste. And the smell of it is uhh-laa-laaaa... so tempting!

The cheese & mushroom baked lobster on the other hand is too cheesy and I get very "jelak" of it after a few bites.. The thick and creamy cheese was good actually, but it somehow covered the natural sweetness of the lobster. I had only half of my lobster and leave the rest to Koh my savior...

The simmer lobster is another good choice as it retained the original lobster taste and texture.

lobster shell
"Now with my satisfied tummy... To the bin you go!"
lobster shell
What remains from Koh's dinner.. 

The Rice & Pasta:-

After a satisfying lobster, we do not expect to see more dishes coming...

The steamed seafood and chicken fried rice in lotus leaf is GOOD... but then I was way too full to enjoy it and had only two spoonful of rice.

fried rice in lotus leaf

The seafood pasta is kinda tasteless and I would personally prefer the fried rice..

seafood pasta

The Dessert:-

No dinner is complete without dessert! Aside from Secret Recipe cake to celebrate one of our HOD's birthday, we were served vanilla ice cream with chocolate topping. I was full by that time, but just couldn't resist ice-creaammmssss!!!

vanilla ice cream

You can find more information / menu from The Lobsterman here.


Address: No. 53, Jalan SS 2/30, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel: 03 7877 6772
Fax: 03 7877 0772

Lobsterman is yummylicious!!!