Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Listened to this on the radio and Soundhound it.

This is a song about love, promises and commitment.
It may be simple, have repeated lyrics, but to me, it's just perfect.

What's more perfect is that the song is written based on true story.

Chris Medina was an American Idol 2011 contestant.

Chris Medina's fiancee gotten into a terrible car accident two months before their wedding. His fiancee, Juliana suffered traumatic brain injury and is currently on wheelchair. She needed his assistance for many things just to get the day pass by, and things that one may not choose to stay and be committed to.

But Chris Medina did.

Chris Medina during the audition for American Idol..

Below is the original video clip of What Are Words by Chris Medina.

This is with lyrics.

Chris Medina might not make it to the Top 24 of the American Idol 2011.
But he won the heart of many with his true love for Juliana.
He is devoted and dedicated in loving her.

“I was about to make vows two months before the accident, marry her and commit for the rest of my life, through good and bad, sickness and health, so what kind of guy would I be if I walked out when she needed me most?” 

It touched my heart..
That love does exist..
And even true love does..
Through good and bad..
Sickness and health..

Someone who is gonna be forever faithful..
Holding your hands..
Walking together through thick and thin of life..
Till death do us part...

Am crying at 2am in the morning.... :'(

I really love this link about him (Chris Medina, What are Words, A True American Idol)


Barry Yap said...

You sound hound it? Probably you have forgotten about this song LOL. I think your iPod or probably PC has it. I did transfers all my mp3 over when I reformat your PC few years back. It's indeed a great song and this song remind me of someone :) and reading thru what you written on what he said, it sound very familiar to me.

Joyce Yap said...

Few years back? This song was only released last year. Haha.. But yeah i forgotten about this song n only hear it again last night. Love.. Always a familiar feeling. :)