Monday, September 24, 2012

When I thought I'm already feeling better..
I started to throw up again..

Have been vomiting alot recently..
During the initial stage of my relationship issues..
There were times when I had just 2-3 spoonful of rice forced by mum..
And yet I'll vomit it out..

But for the past 1-2 weeks, I managed to keep the food in my tummy..
Such an accomplishment!
Friends are happy to see me eating more..
And not rushing to the toilet after meals..

But today it came back and I vomited twice after lunch!
Expensive lunch sumore...
Was looking left-right-left right for the toilet in the restaurant!
Came back and had another round in the office toilet..

Doc who consulted me few weeks back said it's the depression and stress..
Is it still... now?

Many saw me in person / my photos and commented that I lost weight..
Some said I've shrinked ! --> Commented by two different guys at two different occasions!

I asked "What you mean - SHRINKED, u mean THINNER?"

They said "Nope.. as in smaller, shorter and everything is SMALLER by proportion.. including the asset!"

Oh this is not good...
I want back my body figure!
The curve, the shape, the asset n everything!

I've actually lost fair amount of weight..
From an underweight BMI of 45kg, I'm now 42.5kg!
I hope I'll gain back some of my weight though..

Don't want to appear scarily thin to my parents.. haha!
They've got too much of me to be worried about..
I want to appear as OKAY as possible to them..
Even the simpliest thing... to SMILE... :)

And... I still wanna be "Hey~~ sexy lady~~~"