Thursday, October 25, 2012

24th October 2012

jacket trend 2012
@ Coffee Bean, Genting Highlands #24th Oct 2012#

Harlow!!! Just got back from Genting.. Guess what!
I went to see Kenny Rogers at the Arena of Stars!!!

I've got plenty to blog about the past weeks, but too little time to do any of it!

Let's just talk about movies right now eh..

Taken 2

Watched Taken 2 like weeks ago (super outdated review I know) but just wanted to say that it's rather disappointing. I was hoping that it's gonna be a good second installment looking at how good Taken was. I watched it twice!

When Taken 2 was announced, we kinda laugh that maybe Taken 3 will be about his grandma or his pet dog gotten kidnapped.

Back to Taken 2, the ending really sucks. Despite what seemed to be a cat n mouse chase in the city, the villain who TALKED BIG about revenge in the beginning of the movie was actually hiding n cowardly gave up without a proper fight in the end?

What about Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) who managed to talk to his daughter Kim for a seemingly long conversation with all the guns pointed at him?

And the villain is kind enough to just hit Lenore (Bryan Mills ex-wife) unconscious instead of killing her in between the mayhem?

This movie is too kind on the hero. Hehe..

Taken 2 funnies poster
No one can mess with Liam Neeson! 

Hotel Transylvania (3D)

Just finished watching Hotel Transylvania in 3D this evening and OMG, mum enjoyed it! She was laughing giggling n all. 

Cartoon has always got the privilege to be a total nuisance but still appear funny.. thus audience are always amused and easier to be pleased.. that's just why I love cartoons!!! ;) 

Hotel Transylvania

Ted (2012)

The movie I'm looking forward to watch is Ted. Oh yes Ted Is Real.

Ted Official Trailer

fuck you thunder you can suck my dick
“When you hear the sound of thunder, don’t you get too scared. Just grab your thunder buddy and say these magic words: “Fuck you thunder!! You can suck my dick. You can’t get me, thunder, cuz you’re just God’s farts.”

I know what exactly my next birthday wish is! That my Domo could talk! Just like Ted I hope. He's tough, rough, rude n vulgar but that's definitely gonna be the best n entertaining friendship I'll ever have!!!! Hahaha...

joyce and domo
A lousy n unprepared version of
me n Domo with the "fuck you thunder" song..
(look at Domo's hands up!!!)

Really tired ady.. I'll go off to bed.. ble ble ble... (Dracula : I do not say Bleh-ble-bleh!)

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