Thursday, October 11, 2012

I've always loved Nyonya Colors kuih... but find that mum's better!

Hers are "without added preservative and colorings!"

Back to Nyonya Colors, I usually patron their 
outlet at Bukit Raja Jaya Jusco
and enjoy their asam laksa that serve as an 
alternative to cure my homesick cravings..

Last two weeks I went to their outlet 
at Bukit Tinggi AEON for tea time and ordered 
some nyonya kuih, 
Penang chee cheong fun 
and cendol.

All of the food we ordered, SUCKS!!!

Can you imagine rojak using keropok udang?
And the Penang chee cheong fun is like kuey teow in a duno-what sauce.
Cendol is hard and santan is not properly dissolved.
A simply 'cham' doesn't taste like cham at all.. 

nyonya food sucks

Luckily their kuih is still edible.

No more patronizing Nyonya Colors @ Bukit Tinggi AEON!!!


Feeling so dissatisfied, we decided to have dessert!
Vince always say "there's always room for dessert!!!"

AGREE!!!   :)

Went to Haagen Dazs for their Fondue set.

Self-explanatory photos below showing our satisfaction... *burp*

Haagen Dazs fondue
A Journey to Expensive Desserts!

chocolate fondue set
Pointing excitedly to the waiter "I want this I want this!!!"

chocolate fondue
The Malaysian culture "Picture first! Eat later!"

Barry and Joyce chocolate fondue
Raise eyebrow going YUMMMM... 

Joyce chocolate fondue
slurp slurp the chocolate can de ma??

Vince Barry and Joyce chocolate fondue
Fondue with 12 scoops of mini ice cream, sponge cakes, cookies, love letter and fruits

Despite the selection of ice-cream, cookies, fruits etc from Haagen Dazs, 
I still prefer the fondue I had at Cameron Highlands with Barry.


Another yummy encounter at Setia City Mall - Fullhouse!

Fullhouse Setia City Mall

I was never a fan of Fullhouse..  coz to me, 
it's more to a gimmick using interior designing for a restaurant
rather than promoting good food... 

But as a loyal fan of Setia City Mall, I just have to try it out... 

To my surprise, I wasn't disappointed!

The menu maybe, coz none of the food in the menu is available..
But they do have alot of selection from their Green Menu
which offers promotional prices for their pre-release menu..

go green food menu

Vince again over-ordered for both of us..
We had carbonara and half grilled chicken - which both is yummylicious!

The services rendered that night was very pleasant too!

Joyce Fullhouse Setia City Mall
Yummy carbonara!

chinese couple
Uncle Vince & leng lui Joyce... :P 

 I feel kinda bad coz we only managed to finish half the chicken... go green konon! 
Food wastage-lah my dear!!! :P



ET said...

dont go heavy makeup... somehow u look way better without one

ET said...
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Joyce Yap said...

haha these photos are without make-up wohhh...
and yeah, i always prefer myself without make-up too...
save all the hassle, money, time, and natural moisture on my skin.. :)