Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My cravings for chocolate fondue has been on-going for days!

I really did consider going all the way up to Cameron just to visit Strawberry Moment.

Asked around for yummylicious fondue and most of my friends asked me to go back to Haagen Dazs 
coz that's the only place they know serving good fondue.. 
.. asked cousie Alex who then get me to look into eatdrinkkl.blogspot.

Found  dip 'n dip  there and ohhh.... my glorious chocolate fondue!!!!

chocolate fondue
dip sticks platter in the menu

It's located just at Bangsar, so I immediately set it in the GPS!

Super chocolate fan Vince agreed to join me in my little adventure into getting fat!

joyce yap blog
The 3 fountain behind me is the white, dark and sweet (milk) chocolate fountain!

The menu is heavenly and so I decided NOT to go for 
the dip sticks platter so that we could try out other tempting desserts displayed on the menu.. 

I chose dip sticks which comes in either 2 pcs, 4 pcs or 8 pcs in a stick.
I picked 2 strawberries and 2 marshmallows dip sticks, 
but they ran out of marshmallow and so they gave me 2 pcs complimentary strawberries. 
* extra points given!!!* ;)

For the dip sticks, you get to choose from the 3 different chocolates.
I picked dark chocolate for my strawberry dip sticks but they recommend the milk chocolate
After trying both, I still prefer my original pick of dark chocolate. *hehe*

delicious desserts

One of their signature dessert is the mouthwatering crepe!
In all the selection of crepes, they recommended brownies crepe 
which is new in the menu but God... It was heavenly!!!!

The layered crepe has a layer of brownies in it.. and it enhance 
the taste of the crepe which is covered with all the three types of chocolate.

Now talk about gaining weight.. I think this is sufficient to get me back to 45kg!!!

delicious dessert
Beautiful isn't it? Decorated with white, dark and sweet chocolate.. 

delicious desserts
Look at the brownie in between the crepe layers.. 

Joyce Yap blog
Ready.. Get set... GO!!!! 

Next is their signature cold drinks called dip'n dip freezy! 
Their proclaimed it to be the richest chocolate drink ever! be frank, it's nice, but not the RICHEST ever. 

delicious desserts

joyce yap blog

When we are already struggling with our crepe and drinks, came the chocolate fondant!
The fondant is freshly baked using Belgian chocolate, and inside it is filled with dark chocolate!
It is served with a scoop of ice cream of your choice.

delicious desserts
Oh how delicious it looked!

delicious desserts
Here it comes!!!

joyce yap blog
We were both struck dumb by how full we are and there is just no way we could finish this!!! 

We are seriously in DEEP SHIT in dip 'n dip.. 
In dilemma of either to stuff ourselves with expensive desserts 
or give up the fondant to avoid vomiting out what is already in our tummy...

After looking at each other and knowing that our stomach have reached the max food limit,
me pandai2 asked to tapao the fondant,
Vince felt embarrassed and claim that it won't be nice nimore.
But HELLO.. it's expensive okaayy?!!!

cute take away box
Take away the fondant in this cute little box. 
cute take away box
Very interesting copywriting on the back of the box... :)

dip 'n dip is now my favourite dessert place and I'll definitely come back for more!
But not so often-lahh..

Their pricing is a little bit to the upper side.

4 pcs of strawberry dip sticks - RM 12.50
brownies crepe - RM 28.50
dip 'n dip freezy - RM 18.90
fondant - RM 13.50

Mum would kill me knowing that we had a RM85.14 desserts!!!

Thanks Vince for the expensive treat!!! ::P

Expensive but worth it!!! 

joyce yap blog delicious dessert

Joyce Yap blog
okay okay.. I admit I look silly but I'm just so obsessed with my spec!!! :P

dip 'n dip slogan is "a taste will make you :)"

oh yes indeed! we were both smiling from ear to ear!!!

A note to those interested to try out dip 'n dip : 
The menu is gonna seduce you to order everything you can! Just make sure you don't over ordered because these rich creamy yummy chocolates are really good stuff and indeed is very filling. So make sure to order moderately to avoid food wastage.

(I did finish my fondant as breakie the very next day.. still yummy!)

We left the outlet at around 9.30pm and yet there's still plenty of patrons.
I believe they close pretty late. From 10am - 10pm perhaps?
dip 'n dip is actually from Syria and the only branch at Malaysia is 
at Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar and is located opposite Alliance Bank.



GagaOverSeductiveDark said...

Hey Joyce,

I'm writing an article on desserts in Bangsar and I would love to use your lovely pictures of Dip N Dip in the article. Could I have your permission to do so? We'll mention you in the credits and leave any watermarks you want in the images. Drop me an email!

Joyce Yap said...

Oppsss sorry I missed this comment! No problem, you may use the photos. Cheers!